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W:17.5cm, D:9cm, H:12cm
W:22cm, D:12cm, H:16cm
from  £46
2 sizes
Dia:40cm, H:7cm
W:12cm, D:31cm, H:25cm
W:16cm, D:39cm, H:30.5cm
W:12cm, D:12cm, H:23.5cm
W:15cm, D:15cm, H:28cm
Dia:12cm, H:22cm
Dia:13.5cm, H:22.5cm
W:10cm, D:10cm, H:25cm
from  £16
2 sizes
2 sizes
Dia:30cm, H:3cm
Dia:40cm, H:4cm
Dia:47cm, H:11cm
WindroseGaff Rigged Cutter, small
Farewell price £73.50
W:8.5cm, D:55cm, H:60cm
WindroseGaff Rigged Cutter, large
Farewell price £199.50
W:14.5cm, D:103cm, H:107cm
WindroseGaff Rigged Cutter, Calico
Farewell price £105
W:10.5cm, D:71cm, H:70.5cm
2 colours Dia:9cm, H:8cm
2 colours W:10.8cm, D:11cm, H:15.8cm
Jars & Pots
H:20.5cm, Dia:11.5cm
H:21.5cm, Dia:17.5cm
H:31cm, Dia:15cm
H:8.5cm, Dia:25cm
SorrelPot & Saucer
from  £12
2 sizes
H:12cm, Dia:19cm
BayOld Rose Pot
from  £10
2 sizes
BasilTerracotta Pot
from  £10
2 sizes
BayTerracotta Pot
from  £10
2 sizes
2 sizes
2 sizes
2 sizes
ThymeTerracotta Pot
from  £10
2 sizes
from  £52
2 sizes
H:17.5cm, Dia:12.5cm
H:60cm, Dia:43cm
2 colours H:13cm, Dia:11cm
2 colours H:21cm, Dia:11cm
H:23.5cm, W:14cm, D:17cm
H:31cm, Dia:22cm
from  £53
2 sizes
28+ colours H:198cm, W:36cm, D:9cm
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