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Corinium Tall Pot

The Corinium tall pot is very large so makes a real focal point in any room... Read more

A closer look at Corinium

The Corinium tall pot is very large so makes a real focal point in any room. You can sit it on the floor, or place it on a console in a high-ceilinged hallway. It looks good empty but it’s great for displaying our life-like stems – you can’t see there’s no water, and since that’s what gives them away, they look even more real. And it works really well in the same room as the matching Corinium lamp.

The materials

This pot is made of earthenware, which has a rustic simplicity that really suits the Corinium pieces. Terracotta and earthenware are the same material. But ‘earthenware’ is used for an object that is made on a potter’s wheel, or is glazed – or both – like tableware. Whereas ‘terracotta’ is used to describe one that’s not made on a potter’s wheel, like a sculpture. Or for unglazed items like flower pots or roof tiles.

The finish

To make it look much older than it really is, it’s been given a crackle glaze. And around the rim of the jar, the glaze has ‘come away’ as though it’s fallen off through use. The base is painted dark brown, like the damp-course on the outside of a old stone cottage.

Design details

For a house to feel like a home, it needs things that are purely decorative. Like a picture or a sculpture that will add life and texture to a room. Our ornaments have lots of different finishes, so they look like they’ve been collected over time, and are all part of your unique story.

Other ways to use it

This pot is purely decorative and not watertight. But if you do want to use it for fresh flowers or seasonal twigs, you can place a cut-off empty plastic bottle inside and use that to hold the water .


  • Diameter :43cm
  • Height :60cm
  • Weight :21kg
  • Made From :Earthenware
  • Finish :Distressed
  • Water tight :No
  • Handwash only :Yes

Care guide

This just needs a quick weekly dust with a clean feather duster, or an e-cloth.

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