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Syon Bowl - Low

Syon’s one of our most decorative collections, patterned with a bold rose motif... Read more

A closer look at Syon

Syon’s one of our most decorative collections, patterned with a bold rose motif. It’s a look that’s completely at home in a traditional interior, but the simplicity of the one-colour line drawing means you could absolutely use it in a contemporary one too – it’ll add texture and interest to a minimal space.

The materials

We make Syon using stoneware because it’s incredibly durable – we want these to be the kind of pieces you can pass down. In terms of colour, its pattern is similar to our Lead Light paint, with a glazed background that’s like Driftwood.

Design detail

Syon’s detail is so precise that you can even see the little thorns and rosebuds. It’s achieved through a block-printed technique – where the design is carved onto blocks of wood and then pressed into the clay and built up in stages.

How we use it

Together with one of our Ellingham vases, Syon is an exciting update on the classic Victorian jug and bowl. We’ve also made sure that it’s not too heavy, so it can be used as a serving piece.

  • Diameter :40cm
  • Height :7cm
  • Weight:3kg

Just so you know

As Syon is finished by hand, each piece will vary slightly.

Care guide

Syon is too delicate for the dishwasher, so we recommend that you wash it by hand using warm water and a mild detergent. If it’s in need of a dust, one of our e-cloths or a soft feather duster will do the trick – just be sure to avoid furniture polishes or harsh cleaners as these might damage the surface.

When it comes to smaller items, we don't hang around.

With smaller designs we tend to use one of three couriers; the three that we think are the best. It means that we can get your order out to you sooner. You’ll receive an email from our delivery partner to confirm your delivery date within 24 hours of us dispatching the item (or items).

No-quibble returns

We believe that returns should be easy, that’s why we approach them with a ‘no quibble’ mindset. We offer a free returns service on accessories and all the details on what you need to do will be on your delivery note. Just make sure you keep hold of the packaging.

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