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Every room looks happier with flowers inside it.
Every room looks fresher with pockets of greenery within.
Every room feels more in touch with nature when branches and twigs are stood proudly.

Welcome to our flower shop.

From bunched bouquets and loose stems to vases and earthenware pots, fill your home with our hand-painted harvest of faux flora and fauna. A place where the lines between real life and the make-believe are blurred, and where their secret is only revealed when you’re but inches away.

"Don't be afraid of playing with flowers. Without play, there wouldn't be daisy chains."
– Anon

Loosely-tied bouquets

Careful compositions of complementary English foliage pre-arranged for you by our team of flower fanatics and displayed in the vase that best suits. Some a free-flowing blend of lazy garden flowers and twiggy fillers, others a romantic cluster of full-headed hydrangeas – there’s a bouquet for every occasion.

Hand-picked stems

A destination for budding florists who want to create their own arrangements, or a place for minimalists to browse for single stem statements. Lilies and magnolia are the pathway to instant elegance while lilacs and apple blossom are full of hedgerow softness. Position them at different heights to plant your own wild meadow.

The main rule we follow when placing flowers is 'strong stems first'.

Greenery, twigs and sprigs

Traditionally used as floral fillers, glossy green leaves or woody shoots are now appreciated for their own beauty. Mix and match, stick to one type, or abide by convention and use them as a botanical fringe to your bouquet.

And where to put them

Voluptuous vases – tall and small – and tumbled earthenware pots offer two vessels to house your blooms. And with no water needed, they’ll remain beautifully bright and sparkly day after day.

Blending real flowers with life-like ones is a trick we picked up from a flower festival.

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