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Clipsham Acanthus Spinolus

With its fresh, natural colours, this print by artist Daisy Sims-Hilditch is one for people who like nature studies to be a bit more modern... Read more

A closer look at Clipsham

With its fresh, natural colours, this print by artist Daisy Sims-Hilditch is one for people who like nature studies to be a bit more modern. The plant’s an Acanthus Spinosus, whose spiky shapes catch the eye.

Meet the artist

Daisy Sims-Hilditch is a London-based artist who creates landscapes, portraits and the occasional still-life in a naturalistic, impressionist style, often en plein air. Capturing the changing light is what she’s known for.

About the plant (Acanthus Spinosus)

There are four prints in the collection – this one’s Acanthus Spinosus, a summer perennial that’s similar to a foxglove or lupin. It’s also known as bear’s breeches, thanks to the spikes on the end of its leathery leaves.

In the frame

An off-white frame and white mount matches this print’s fresh feel. They’re just a subtle outline, so the delicate drawing’s what you notice first.

Where we see it

This print looks lovely in a pale room that gets lots of sunshine, such as a garden room or a bright kitchen. It also works well with natural materials, like our oak furniture.

  • Height :60cm
  • Width :50cm
  • Depth :3cm
  • Weight :2.67kg
  • Frame material :Cedarwood
  • Finish :Painted
  • Frame width :2cm
  • Mount width :8cm
  • Print size :31.6 x 41.6 cm
  • Mount colour :White
  • Wall Hanging Method :Wire string

Just so you know

On the back of the frame is a wire for hanging (be sure to select the correct fixing for your wall), and we’ve included Velcro dots that you attach to the frame and the wall to help the print stay neatly straight.

There may be some variation in the colour of the mounts, so if you plan to buy a few from the same collection, we recommend buying all at the same time.

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No-quibble returns

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