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Henley Round Tray

The Henley oak tray is all about craftsmanship and tradition, from its looks to its materials to the notion of serving drinks and light meals on a tray... Read more

A closer look at Henley

The Henley oak tray is all about craftsmanship and tradition, from its looks to its materials to the notion of serving drinks and light meals on a tray. It can do everything that the Aldwych tray does – carry drinks, help set the table, display a collection, and make breakfast in bed possible – it just does it in a pale, round and much softer way.

The materials

Just like the rest of the Henley collection, the tray is made from oak. But, instead of a solid piece of timber, we use layers of natural oak veneer and plywood, because for a tray this is a much stronger combination of materials that means it’s much less susceptible to movement and warping.

The finish

Like all of our oak, the Henley tray is protected with IsoGuard®, our timber treatment oil that helps to prevent stains and spills from setting in, like water rings from cups or spills of milk from your breakfast bowl. And it does all of this without masking the natural look and feel of oak like most lacquers and sealers do.

The making process

Henley starts with a light, very strong plywood base, covered in real oak laminate. Using thin pieces of solid oak to create the curving lip and the handle holes, the rim is built up one piece at a time. Finally it’s laminated together to protect it and make it last.

Design details

Making a round wooden tray, with holes for handles isn’t easy. We had to balance achieving the shape, in a way that emphasised the wood grain, at a weight that was still easy to carry, but with enough strength so it could do a great job and last a long time.

  • Diameter :42.50cm
  • Height :5cm
  • Made From :Oak
  • Finish :Classic oak IsoGuard
  • Dishwasher safe :No
  • Weight:1kg

Care guide

If you’re using Henley for display, it just needs a quick flick with a dry cloth to remove any dust. If you’re using it to carry food and drinks, wipe up spills straight away with a damp cloth; then wipe again with a dry one, and leave out to dry fully before putting away.

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