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Cushions & Covers

Cushions & Covers
63 fabrics W:48cm, D:45cm, H:3cm
63 fabrics W:45cm, D:45.5cm, H:3cm
63 fabrics W:43cm, D:41cm, H:3cm
58 fabrics W:44cm, H:3cm
37 fabrics W:47cm, D:62cm, H:80cm
68 fabrics W:36cm, H:5cm
68 fabrics W:36cm, H:5cm
68 fabrics W:36cm, H:5cm
59 fabrics W:43.5cm, H:2.8cm
Long Island Covers
42 fabrics W:175cm, D:95cm, H:81.5cm
37 fabrics W:210cm, D:105cm, H:81.5cm
33 fabrics W:235cm, D:105cm, H:81.5cm
36 fabrics W:80cm, D:95cm, H:81.5cm
Charlie sofa covers
37 fabrics W:175cm, D:92.5cm, H:88cm
37 fabrics W:209cm, D:100cm, H:88cm
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