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Ida Sheer, Oatmeal/metre

Our sheer linen, Ida has a loose weave that’s just the thing for barely-there, airy curtains – a contemporary take on designs made from net... Read more

A closer look at Ida

Our sheer linen, Ida has a loose weave that’s just the thing for barely-there, airy curtains – a contemporary take on designs made from net. Just know that it’s not quite strong enough for upholstery and cushions.

The textile

Ida’s made from 100% linen. This natural textile is sustainable (the flax plants that linen comes from only need rainwater to grow) and has a gently rumpled look that suits laidback settings. As fine as it is, you’ll also spot the occasional slub in Ida: all part of linen’s character.

The colour

Oatmeal is a pale neutral made using undyed, unbleached linen on the warp (the threads running from top to bottom), and whiter linen along the weft (from left to right). This combination gives it a dimensional look – a mix of light and shade.

Using Ida in your home

If you’d like curtains or blinds that filter the light without blocking it and create a little privacy, opt for Ida alone. Or, layer it for a fuller look behind a heavier pair of curtains in a contrasting texture like wool, or, for a Belgian-inspired tone-on-tone feel, with another neutral linen.

  • Width :300cm
  • Length :100cm
  • Fabric composition :100% Belgian linen
  • Fabric Weight :110gsm
  • Suitability :Curtains and Blinds
  • Fabric colour :Ida Oatmeal

Just so you know

There can be some colour variation between different batches of our fabric – we try to make them as small as possible, but it’s something to be expected with natural fibres. If you’re using this fabric more than once in the same room, we recommend ordering as many metres as you need in one go - that way, we can make sure it’s all from the same batch.

Care guide

You want: easy-to-care-for pieces that you don’t need to tiptoe around. We’ve got: easy-to-read-through care guides that give you just that.

Right this way

When it comes to smaller items, we don't hang around.

From our own, white-glove service for delivering larger pieces in the UK and Ireland, to our courier and international partners, rest assured that we’ve done everything we can to make sure your order gets to you on time and in one, perfect piece.

Delivery’s also entirely free if you’re in the UK and spend over £50 (or €100 in Ireland).

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