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Clara Linen, Warm White/metre

Clara’s a fabric with all the charm of linen, but a slightly different, crisper texture... Read more

A closer look at Clara

Clara’s a fabric with all the charm of linen, but a slightly different, crisper texture. It has a structured feel like canvas, but the grain is similar to raw silk, so it feels a more refined.

The textile

60% cotton, 22% linen and 18% viscose. The cotton gives strength and softness, the linen adds an organic texture and the viscose makes Clara drape beautifully.

How it feels

There are lots of raised threads in the weave, a natural characteristic of linen. But the softness of viscose makes it look and feel more like raw silk, with a slightly sheeny texture.

The colour

Clara comes in five warm, earthy shades that complement its raw texture. This is Warm White, a cream tone that looks lovely with our pale seasoned oak furniture.

Where we see it

If you’re after a slightly crisper, more tailored feel than our other linens, Clara is a great fabric for a sofa or curtains. Its fine grain looks especially good on upholstered dining chairs.

Will it fit?
Will it fit? View our guide
  • Width145cm
  • Length100cm

Just so you know

There can be some colour variation between different batches of our fabric – we try to make them as small as possible, but it’s something to be expected with natural fibres. If you’re using this fabric more than once in the same room, we recommend ordering as many metres as you need in one go - that way, we can make sure it’s all from the same batch.

Care guide

You want: easy-to-care-for pieces that you don’t need to tiptoe around. We’ve got: easy-to-read-through care guides that give you just that.

Right this way

When it comes to smaller items, we don't hang around.

With smaller designs we tend to use one of three couriers; the three that we think are the best. It means that we can get your order out to you sooner. You’ll receive an email from our delivery partner to confirm your delivery date within 24 hours of us dispatching the item (or items).

No-quibble returns

We believe that returns should be easy, that’s why we approach them with a ‘no quibble’ mindset. We offer a free returns service on accessories and all the details on what you need to do will be on your delivery note. Just make sure you keep hold of the packaging.

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