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Magnolia Branch White

The smaller and simpler of our two magnolias, this White Magnolia branch has one full flower, one opening flower and one large bud on a woody-looking stem... Read more

A closer look at Magnolia

The smaller and simpler of our two magnolias, this White Magnolia branch has one full flower, one opening flower and one large bud on a woody-looking stem. Use it on its own or with other tall branches if you want an open, airy spring arrangement.

Why life-like?

Having foliage and flowers in your home makes such a difference – they’re one of those final touches that helps it feel more lived in. And stems that look as good on Friday as they did on Monday are even better – no water to change, nothing to trim, no dead-heading, no mess, no fuss. And no wilting.

From real-life to life-like

This life-like Magnolia spray is based on a deciduous magnolia. It’s so dramatic because it blooms in spring before the leaves are made. Each petal on ours is veined and shaped individually, so no two look the same, and there’s a bendable wire inside – all of which makes it truer to life.

  • Width :32cm
  • Diameter :25cm
  • Height :90cm
  • Weight :0.10kg
  • Real feel petals :No
  • Composition :40% Polyester, 40% Plastic, 20% Wire


Unlike our single stems that need very little ‘work’, you’ll need to style this one a bit more. For protection, it arrives completely flat so don’t be disappointed. Spend some time bending twigs in different directions, moving flowers into position, and gently opening some of the full blooms to reveal the spiky orange stamens inside. Now you’ve got something completely realistic.

The stem’s wire is tough so you can’t accidentally snap it. But you’ll need something powerful if you want to trim it down. We’ve found long-handled loppers (the ones for pruning shrubs and trees) do the trick.
The wire inside also means you can’t put your stem in water for long or it’ll rust. So if you’re arranging them with real flowers, bend the life-like stems up out of the water.

Care guide

Look after your life-like stem with just a quick weekly dust. Use a clean feather duster or a wipe.

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