One of your home’s cosiest layers, sheepskin rugs (and cushions) can add warmth to everywhere from sofas, armchairs and footstools to dining room benches and garden seating. Not to mention floors of course, where we’ll layer them up with larger flatweaves to tell a tactile tale of texture.



With its close-cropped, curly fleece, Tussock is the neatest (and the softest) of all our sheepskin rugs. It’s also the only sheepskin that comes in a doubly-long size, making it perfect for hallways, benches and ends of beds.



Herdwick sheep hail from the Lake District. Living on the mountainsides most of the year, their fleeces are understandably thick and hardy. They’re also naturally grey, and each one of our Herdwick rugs is beautifully patterned with varying and unique tones.

Herdwick Sheepskin Rug
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Southdown is our classic, long-pile, naturally pale cream sheepskin. It has a thick and incredibly soft fleece that’s less rugged than Herdwick’s – Southdown sheep are a native breed too, but this time to the much mellower climate of Sussex.