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IsoGuard® Oil, Chalked

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A closer look at Neptune

IsoGuard®’s a timber treatment oil that we developed to help protect your wood from spills and marks without masking its natural texture and character. Put simply, it makes life better for your furniture, and hopefully for you too. Any exposed timber (in other words, unpainted) in our collections will be finished with IsoGuard®, whether it’s flooring, indoor or outdoor furniture. But you’ll need to top it up every few years.

How it works

IsoGuard® doesn’t just coat wood – it penetrates the surface and bonds with the fibres, acting as a barrier against anything that might stain it. It can repel water, and most other household liquids from wine to cordial, and leave the surface unblemished, but only for a time (up to four hours). It’s tough, but not bombproof.

The finish

Because IsoGuard®’s almost invisible, your wood still looks and feels as though there’s nothing there unlike most varnishes and lacquers. That being said, it does come in three finishes, each with subtle pigments that complement our different wood tones. This one’s a paler finish called Chalked.

Which one do I need

Although IsoGuard®’s meant to look like untreated timber, it’s best to use the same finish your Neptune furniture came with (if you’re not sure, ask out care team). You can also use it on any other wood you have at home, providing it’s sanded back first so there’s no other oil or lacquer there.

How to use it

Applying IsoGuard®’s easy - each tin comes with clear instructions, so you’ll know exactly what to do and when. For more on how IsoGuard® works, have a read of our detailed guide.

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Just so you know

Always throw away your used IsoGuard® cloth by dunking it in water and putting it in an airtight container while it’s still wet. Leaving an IsoGuard® cloth unwashed, in direct sunlight, or putting it straight in the bin can lead to spontaneous combustion.  

When it comes to smaller items, we don't hang around.

From our own, white-glove service for delivering larger pieces in the UK and Ireland, to our courier and international partners, rest assured that we’ve done everything we can to make sure your order gets to you on time and in one, perfect piece.

Delivery’s also entirely free if you’re in the UK and spend over £50 (or €100 in Ireland).

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