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This is the story of when wood met metal.

But not just any wood. The solid oak is of the highest pedigree, but we’ve made it appear timeworn by taking it through a seven-step finishing process. And beneath lies a slim steel frame that’s powder coated and then baked, as an ode to the traditional process of quenching.

This is a tale of contemporary craft.

W:59cm, H:84cm, D:4cm
W:104cm, H:158cm, D:4cm
W:84cm, H:194cm, D:4cm
Tables & benches
W:55cm, D:55cm, H:45cm
L:100cm, D:60cm, H:45cm
L:160cm, D:85cm, H:45cm
W:56cm, D:28cm, H:53cm
W:50cm, D:50cm, H:50cm
W:60cm, D:35cm, H:70cm
W:120cm, D:35cm, H:75cm
W:160cm, D:42cm, H:80cm
W:60cm, D:33.8cm, H:82.5cm
W:92cm, D:33.8cm, H:82.5cm
W:70cm, D:38cm, H:190cm
W:100cm, D:38cm, H:190cm
Home Office
W:120cm, D:65cm, H:91cm
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