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Our spring 2023 collection

The story behind our new season; framed by colour and curation.

Ben Fogle
An explorer finds refuge at home

For our winter 2021 issue of Stories, we asked adventurer and presenter Ben Fogle to share the ways ...

The joy of summer: how to celebrate the season

Moments, rituals and traditions ancient and new to help you make the most of each month in summer.

Sheldrake extending
The architecture of happiness: how buildings can create joy

Why do some buildings and designed environments bring us more joy than others?

Luskentyre beach
The joy of moving to the coast

We chat to two former city dwellers about the highs (and occasional lows) of relocating to the coast...

Ways to say thank you: gifts for hosts

Present ideas that go beyond a bottle of wine for taking along to parties.

From Barbury to Bloomsbury: how we name our designs

A quick look at some of the stories that lie behind our collection names.

LIVING_AD_2_058 lighter.cordless.RT
A touch of genius: why we value original art

We explore why it is that original art pieces hold such emotional potency.

Meet the designer: Beki Bright and our Odette cushions

See the Odette design on our Florence cushions in more detail here. You can also explore Beki’s own ...

Cutting Dough_EDITED
Kneading time: the rise of the artisan bakery

Inside Grain & Hearth, the Whitstable-based bakery that takes a slower approach.

Touch Story - Faraway Farm  18
The joy of trees with Charlie Marsden

Tree consultant and dendrologist Charlie Marsden tells us about the fascinating hidden life of trees...

The joy of spring: moments to cherish

Moments and traditions to help you make the most of March, April and May, and bring you closer to th...

Why meadows matter

Conserving our natural habitats protects the ecosystem and promises beguiling blooms.

Nature versus nurture: how to create an authentic home

Where does personal taste come from? What influences the colours and designs you choose to fill your...

Chatto armchair in greenhouse
Book club: books for favourite pursuits

Our pick of page-turners both old and new for (just about) every type of hobbyist, whether you’re a ...

Barefoot walking
One step forward: why you should go barefoot

The reflective ritual of ‘grounding’ is fast becoming popular, as journalist Lucy Dunn discovered wh...

Food preservation stock image Stories 15
The gentle balance of food preservation

Food historian Dr Annie Gray explains how science and sociology have combined to keep our palettes p...

The heirloom tray: designing Terence

A considered design story for the simplest of objects.

The one-hundred-year mindset

Neptune co-founder John Sims-Hilditch tells journalist Suzanne Imre how looking beyond the here and ...

Touch Story - Faraway Farm  47
The search for contentment by Ben Fogle

The last couple of years has forced many of us to slow down. It has given us a chance to think about...

Celebrating the beauty of winter light

Finding the joy in winter’s light, come crystal clear sun or moodily overcast skies.

Stories 13_Kit Kemp Mood Board__2
How to define your personal style

As social media and TV programmes have allowed us indulgent glimpses into other people’s homes, so o...

Forget Me Not notebooks Stories 15
Homemade presents: fabric-covered notebooks

Bookbinder Emma Williams shares her tips for covering plain notebooks or journals with fabric to cre...

Francesca, Meet the maker 7
Meet the designer: Francesca Wardle & our Francesca fabric

We chat to the designer behind our new Francesca fabric collection.

Record players and typewriters: celebrating slow pastimes

From record players to hand-written letters – why, in some cases, patience is very much a virtue.

Harrington Armchair with Fire Pit Landscape
Cooking over fire with Gill Meller

River Cottage chef and author Gill Meller on the year-round appeal of cooking outdoors over fire.

Todd & Duncan factory
Luxury on the loch: inside the Todd & Duncan cashmere mill

Tucked away on the banks of a loch in eastern Scotland sits an unprepossessing mill with an unexpect...

The bigger picture

Our co-founder, John Sims Hilditch, reflects on the far-reaching impact of restoration.

Pesto - Jane Cumberbatch
Life in your hands

What rhythms of life are etched on your hands? Palms roughened by working the soil, fingers agile fr...

Touch Story - Faraway Farm  50
Our autumn collection in the making

A country walk was the starting point for the new collection

Material matters, part two: wellbeing

Part two in our series looking at the materials we should be using in our homes in the future

The art of combining old and new

How to work antiques and treasures into your scheme

AW20 Stories-Wycombe_2
Material matters, part one: sustainability

Part one in our series exploring the materials we’ll be making and living with in the future.

Stories 12 - Quilting
The stitches that connect us

Stitched slowly and carefully over days and weeks, if not months, quilts are one of those crafted ob...

Kirsty's Vegetable Garden-43
Slowly does it: the slow food movement today

The slow food movement has been attracting leading foodies in the UK for some years now, but lockdow...

Neptune Cheltenham_13
Restored to new glory: our Cheltenham store

Interiors journalist Giles Kime explores how the Neptune design team breathed new life into an histo...

Stories 14 1
Perfectly imperfect: the Japanese craft of kintsugi

Design writer Roddy Clarke explores the Japanese craft of kintsugi, which celebrates the beauty of b...

Chris Budgen - B+W
Get to know us: Chris from Neptune Weybridge

We chat to Chris, who owns our store in Weybridge, in the latest of our ‘getting to know you’ interv...

Pembroke snug detail lights on
Call us collectors

What does it mean to be a collector? Why do we do it? And what is it that people collect? We sent an...

Jane Cumberbatch garden - 21/05/2021 03
In the garden with Jane: the productive garden

Author and stylist Jane Cumberbatch on creating a productive and beautiful garden.