The hidden heroes collection

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The hidden heroes collection

The kitchen workhorse

For kitchens that need more prep space, that don’t have room for a full island, or that just want to evoke a traditional aesthetic, there’s our Chichester chopping block. Its hidden depths include an end-grain chopping board (the end grain of wood is softer, so it won’t blunt knives as quickly) that’s easily removable thanks to the cut-outs at the sides so you can clean it or carry it to another area. 


The traditional cabinet for traditional floors

We love the quirky features of older homes – they’re what create that very desirable sense of character. But uneven floors can test your patience, which we knew would be a particular problem for leggy Ardingly which would look very off-kilter if not straight. So, we popped discreet little adjustable feet on the bottom of its oak legs, so you can easily set it right. 

Ardingly home office - Burnt Sienna

The flexible living champion

We love an extending table. What we don’t love, though, is finding space for the extra seats needed, which is why we created Wycombe. The woven seat on this dining chair lifts up from the back, allowing the hinges on the frame’s sides to bend inwards and the whole thing to fold flat, so you can store it away when it’s not needed. And, joyfully, it stands up by itself even when in its flattened state.  


The goes-anywhere lamp

Every dark corner can step into the light thanks to Hanover, even if it’s a corner without a plug in sight. That’s because Hanover is cordless. It’s powered by rechargeable batteries instead (which last up to 20 hours with each charge), although you wouldn’t know it as Hanover looks for all the world like any traditional column lamp. It’s also dimmable, and as it’sIP44-rated, you can take it outside temporarily or use it in a bathroom.  


The really tiny VIP detail

As hidden heroes go, this one’s the smallest on our list, but it’s no less important. Our Chichester roller catches – which are used to hold the doors of cabinets shut – are no ordinary roller catches. In fact, they’re patent pending. They’re adjustable (simply done with an Allen key) to be tighter or looser. We’ve done this so they’ll work with any size of doorand not be too stiff or insecure, and so they won’t lose tension over time, but you can also adjust them to your own preference as well. You’ll find them on almost all our Chichester pieces. 

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The truly hidden detail

This very solid, very sturdy looking table – Balmoral – actually breaks down into several pieces. It weighs such a lot, it definitely needed to so you could move it around. But, it doesn’t lose any of its sturdiness at all thanks to a bolt that runs right the way through the pedestal leg. This secures each section together so there’s not even a hint of wobble.  

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