Four simple steps to your beautiful kitchen

Designing a kitchen is like throwing a party

You want to create the mood, get the ingredients right, make sure there is a flow of people, room to prepare and space to dine, drink and dance. The perfect kitchen is one that suits your lifestyle. Don’t look at your space and feel confined by the layout or location. Instead think about how you will use it, when you will use it and who will be using it. If you are a reluctant gourmet or budding chef, or have a hungry family of four or convivial host to entertain, you will need your design to reflect these different requirements.

Whether you want to start the design process yourself, or if you prefer to visit one of our local stores to get the ball rolling, we are here to help you every step of the way. Our fully trained team of designers will discuss your lifestyle and setting to make sure they create a bespoke kitchen design that perfectly suits you and your family's needs.

Step 1

First create a rough sketch of your room with approximate measurements. Don't forget to note the height of the room and place the position of all doors and windows.

Step 2

Consider how much storage. preparation, washing and cooking space you will need. These areas need to flow smoothly together so have a think about how you will use the kitchen

Step 3

Will you want space for a sofa, large kitchen table or big dog basket? Are you keen on large fridge freezers, additional recycling space or an extra oven? These personal touches help create a bespoke space that works for you.

Step 4
Design & Order

Now you can visit your nearest store for help with layout and design. We can then arrange for someone to come round to measure up and install your dream kitchen.