What makes a Neptune kitchen

Our materials

We start with the best natural materials

Timber is a natural, organic material so we are careful to choose the right wood for the right purpose. Large staves of oak for our work surfaces, flexible birch for our smooth hand painted finish and strong poplar for our cabinet panels. We insist on using timber from well managed, sustainable forests so we know the history and quality of each tree. Whether it was dry winters or wet springs, we can then decide if the timber will live up to our expectations.

It’s not just the timber we carefully source. We want every detail to be perfect so we make all our own hardware including our stainless steel handles, chrome catches and magnets covered in velvet for a soft close. From the curved skirting boards to the antique brass hinges every detail is carefully taken care of.

Very simply we believe that choosing the best materials gives us the freedom to design the best furniture.  And we think that you want the best quality, responsibly sourced, beautifully designed furniture at an affordable price.

Our construction

Exceptional joinery, clever construction and beautiful finishing

All our cabinets are fully framed and use dovetail joints and traditional mortise and tenon joints epoxy glued together and physically locked with a dowel. We design sophisticated details such as curved skirting boards, raised cabinets for dishwashers, pan drawers that carry up to 30kgs, velvet covered cutlery drawers, hidden magnetic catches and removable cornices to make each piece of furniture extremely functional and very stylish.

Our cabinets go through a four stage finishing program, all our shelves use a flexible and elegant zig zag system, our timber is sealed with our revolutionary Isoguard system and we use four coats when hand painting our furniture. Combine this attention to detail with the hidden extras and wonderful array of different paints, handles, hinges and catches and you have bespoke, clever designs for your home that will last a lifetime.

Everything is hand made, hand painted and carefully checked.
We use complex traditional carpentry techniques so our furniture is strong, flexible and elegant.

The build

complex, intricate and beautiful piece of furniture

Thankfully our production team like a challenge. In fact, they derive real pleasure from taking raw timber and turning it into a complex, intricate and beautiful piece of furniture. With more than a hundred of us from skilled carpenters, hand painters and finishers, timber selection and quality control, we are able to do as much as we can ourselves; ensuring we choose the best materials, keep a close eye on quality throughout and make sure each piece arrives with you with as much care as possible.

The finish

a four stage finishing program

Each piece goes through a four stage finishing program. Initially cabinets are hand sprayed, this is followed by a further mid coat, further sanding, two top coats and a final hand finish.

Now we are ready for assembly and after a thorough final check we hand pack each cabinet ready for hand delivery to your door.

Value for money

The best furniture for the best price

The heart of the Neptune concept has always been to offer you the very best in form, function and design at prices that are affordable.

To do this we couple technology with traditional craftsmanship to ensure good organisation, consistent design and efficient production. We keep costs low by going direct to source for all our materials and by doing as much as we can ourselves.

We use better grade materials that don’t fail in production and in turn make the work of the carpenters and finishers easier. High quality timber also produces less waste, making us more efficient and most importantly making the product stronger, more beautiful and more durable.

Finally, Neptune furniture is built to last a lifetime. We do not compromise on the product in any way: every visible or invisible design feature is something we are proud of.

Lifetime Guarantee
Our fitted kitchens are built for a lifetime of use.
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