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All the small things

Accessorise your garden the way you would your home. Does an overlooked sunny spot deserve a bistro-size table with chairs? You may not sit there often, but the little group calls out a welcome to anyone and everyone who passes.

Comfortable seating is the key to successful entertaining, so every seat – from a dining chair to a wicker sofa – needs a really comfy cushion. Don’t forget throws for outside too – they’re great for when the day has cooled but you’re still having far too much fun to go inside. And keep a lovely big basket close by to store it all in.

Lastly, turn your eye to lighting for when the sun is sleeping. Nestle spotlight posts between shrubs and along a winding garden path, string fairy lights along drainpipes or lace them around trellises, and create a sea of pillar candles stood within hurricane lanterns where flames can dance all night long.