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Henley 6-10 Seater Dining Table

A closer look at Henley

Henley’s one of the most traditional tables in our collection: made from top-to-bottom oak in a classic finish, it has curved ends and turned pedestal legs. But, it’s also brilliant for pairing with a contemporary chair like Shoreditch if you like the contrast of old and new. It extends as well, making it a practical choice if you occasionally need to seat more people.


Oak, because it’ll look more than good in your home. You can expect the odd knot here and the odd change in wood grain there – which means no two tables will ever look quite the same – but overall, it’s a well-balanced timber.


Henley’s protected with our treatment oil – IsoGuard® – to make it easier to live with. Think of it as a defence barrier, but one that you’d never know was there, so all you can see is the natural, honey-coloured oak.

Design detail

A lot of the detail is in the side of the tabletop. Unlike a design like Balmoral, it’s stepped rather than one solid piece, which gives the table more of a traditional feel. And its curved ends will add softness to a room as well. The curvy pedestal legs also have a traditional look, but we’ve kept the shape simple so Henley won’t date.

How it extends

Extending tables are great, but only when they’re not a pain to use. You’ll be glad to know that Henley's easy to extend, you’ll just need a second pair of hands. Simply pull both ends of the table out from the middle at the same time, insert one or both of the leaves into the gap. The leaves come in a separate bag, so they’re not adding more bulk.

Will it fit?
Will it fit? View our guide
  • Length270cm
  • Width100cm
  • Height76cm