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Edinburgh Coffee Table, Large

A closer look at Edinburgh

The Edinburgh coffee table is all about balance: while it’s got real presence and sturdiness, and is made from tactile, grain-rich oak, it’s elegant and refined too. It comes in three sizes: from the smallest (a versatile piece for any space); to the square, which is ideal for balancing L-shaped seating; to the largest, with all its room for storage.

The materials

We use oak for its beautiful grain, its durability and its sense of heritage (we’ve written more on its qualities here). Knots and variations in tone are part of its character, so each and every part of Edinburgh will be unique.

The Finish

Brushing the oak removes the soft fibres from its grain, so you get a rustic, touchable texture. The wood’s protected with our IsoGuard® treatment oil in Vintage Oak, which guards against dirt and scuffs while giving it a slightly darker tone.

Design detail

Edinburgh’s defining feature is its legs. They were inspired by classical columns, but are restrained, not fussy. They also highlight the oak’s grain. And on the bottom shelf, you’ll notice a pattern that looks just like tongue-and-groove panelling.

Where we see it

Edinburgh’s sturdy column legs give it a slightly traditional look that suits our Olivia and George sofas. The biggest size is not only spacious enough for all your coffee-table books, but will also fit our larger lamps and vases, like Hanley and Charlton.

Will it fit?
Will it fit? View our guide
  • Length180cm
  • Depth70cm
  • Height43cm

Just So you know

This piece is made from natural timber, which will expand (slightly) and shrink (just a little) as it responds to the humidity and temperature in your room. We’ve used joinery techniques that’ll help to counteract this, but small changes in your piece are completely natural and to be expected. Just know that, in the very unlikely event that there’s a significant change to the structure, we’ll be here to help.

Taking care of Edinburgh

We’ve put together a series of guides on how best to take care of our pieces, so you can keep them looking as good as the day you first brought them home.

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