Wycombe Armchair

A closer look at Wycombe

Sometimes, in a living room, too many upholstered sofas and chairs can feel all a bit squashy and fabric-heavy. It’s a useful design trick to add contrast with a timber-framed chair. Which is why, when we spotted a mid-century chair doing just that in a hotel, we knew straight away that we wanted to bring the concept to our Arts & Crafts-inspired Wycombe collection. And so this oak-framed and rush-seated occasional armchair was born.

The materials: oak

Oak’s sense of tradition together with its distinctive (but not too knotty) grain make it our go-to timber. Naturally durable when it comes to knocks, we’ve further protected the oak from spills with IsoGuard® – our oil-based formula that doesn’t mask the timber’s character. You can find out more about that here.

The materials: rush

Natural rush comes from freshwater bulrushes and has been used for furniture making for centuries. It has a variable colour that’s often green to begin with, whereas Wycombe’s seat, woven from a paper made with rush, is a more even pale cream colour. It’s also much stronger.

Considered comfort

Made from timber Wycombe might be, but we’ve worked hard to make it as comfy as possible. So, for instance, its seat is generously wide so you’re not pressed up against the side rails, while the rush is actually quite springy and forgiving. The backrest is also curved and slightly reclined, with vertical spindles that fit around (not cut across) your spine, while the arms widen out, so they’re comfy to lean on too.

A styling tip or two

If you’re using Wycombe in your living room, it can be a lovely idea to position it with its back to the television or fireplace. It’s short enough not to get in the way, and will stop the layout feeling as if everything is facing in one direction. Or, use a pair to balance out a sofa. It’s also a great vehicle for textiles, so make the most of that with a scatter cushion on top or a small throw over the arm.

The design story

Our Wycombe collection (which also includes dining room seating) draws inspiration from all sorts of sources, but the main one is the honest country style of the Arts & Crafts movement, particularly William Morris’ Sussex chairs. There’s also a Scandinavian sense of minimalism, and in the case of this armchair, references to the elegant, low-level seating of Japan.

  • Width :65.60cm
  • Depth :73.50cm
  • Height :75cm
  • Weight :10.10kg
  • Arm height :59cm
  • Back rest height :39.50cm
  • Seat width :60.40cm
  • Seat height :41cm
  • Seat depth :55cm
  • Seater :1

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