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Classic English.


Our very first kitchen. It began as a few key pieces – a chopping block, a dresser and a table – and then it evolved. Chichester paved the way for what kitchens mean to us. It’s the one John and Emma have in their own home, and have done for 20 years and counting.

In a nutshell:
Authentic, homely, timeless

Tulipwood and plywood

Standard colour:

Standard interior colour:

Chrome roller

One kitchen. Countless different looks.

Different layouts, different colours, different handles, different flooring and different walls.  The possibilities aren't quite endless, but they're close.

Design details

Every Neptune kitchen is special. But each one has a few hidden secrets that make it unique to our other collections. They help to define it, and to give each one its own hand-writing. And then there are those design details that they share from our cutlery inserts to our slim space cabinetry...

Vegetable trays

Inside our Chichester larder are three pullout vegetable trays. Yet another lovely traditional detail.

Tiered drawers

Not only do tiered drawers look interesting but they offer more versatile storage. Think pans at the biggest base drawer and cutlery or tableware at the top.

Cutlery inserts

Chichester feature a super soft velvet-lined drawer insert that cushions cutlery and keeps everything perfectly organised.

Slim spaces

Pull-out cabinets, chopping block and tray slots, tea towel rails – these are all slim space concepts that are excellent at filling gaps, or for framing key components such as a cooker. Even the smallest design has the potential for high performance.

Stratton kitchen ladder

A traditional touch that makes us think of old-fashioned libraries. Decorative yes, but practical too, it can be hung onto the end panel of a cabinetry run to tuck it away when you’re not reaching up high.

Top boxes

These clever little cabinets are for sitting on the shoulders of any wall or countertop cabinet. They’re ideal for homes with towering ceilings as they can be stacked and stacked again with spotlights inside to produce a subtle glow to a night-time kitchen.

The perfect pairing

Happiness by design

What lies behind a Neptune kitchen

Let's design

The process

the collections

Every one is unique and every one has a different design journey.

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With one of our kitchen designers at your closest Neptune store.

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The full
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When the fun begins and we start to bring your new kitchen to life…

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Full Height
  • Chichester 600mm Adjustable False Panel
    600mm Adjustable False Panel £145
  • Chichester 600mm Integrated Appliance Fascia
    600mm Integrated Appliance Fascia £195
  • Chichester 725mm Appliance Doors
    725mm Appliance Doors £235
  • Chichester 190mm Tray Rack
    190mm Tray Rack £335
  • Chichester 190mm Wine Rack
    190mm Wine Rack £390
  • Chichester 140mm Tray & Chopping Block
    140mm Tray & Chopping Block £455
  • Chichester 450mm Seat Cabinet
    450mm Seat Cabinet £460
  • Chichester 600mm Seat Cabinet
    600mm Seat Cabinet £575
  • Chichester 275mm Pullout
    275mm Pullout £565
  • Chichester 350mm 1 Door
    350mm 1 Door £575
  • Chichester 690mm Undercounter Oven
    690mm Undercounter Oven £635
  • Chichester 400mm Curved 1 Door
    400mm Curved 1 Door £680
  • Chichester 600mm 1 Door
    600mm 1 Door £710
  • Chichester 500mm 1 Door 1 Drawer
    500mm 1 Door 1 Drawer £785
  • Chichester 465mm Double Bin
    465mm Double Bin £785
  • Chichester 520mm Single Bin
    520mm Single Bin £810
  • Chichester 400mm 3 Drawer
    400mm 3 Drawer £810
  • Chichester 710mm Single Sink Cabinet
    710mm Single Sink Cabinet £860
  • Chichester 660mm Undermounted Sink Cabinet
    660mm Undermounted Sink Cabinet £870
  • Chichester 920mm Double Sink Cabinet
    920mm Double Sink Cabinet £915
  • Chichester 1120mm Square Island End Cabinet
    1120mm Square Island End Cabinet £915
  • Chichester 985mm Blind Corner
    985mm Blind Corner £935
  • Chichester 550mm 4 Drawer
    550mm 4 Drawer £965
  • Chichester 600mm Pan Drawer
    600mm Pan Drawer £965
  • Chichester 1155mm 2 Door
    1155mm 2 Door £1,105
  • Chichester 900mm Pan Drawer
    900mm Pan Drawer £1,145
  • Chichester 830mm Corner Carousel
    830mm Corner Carousel £1,370
  • Chichester 1490mm Grand Chest of Drawers
    1490mm Grand Chest of Drawers £1,765
  • Chichester 338mm Curved Open Rack
    338mm Curved Open Rack £310
  • Chichester 325mm 1 Door
    325mm 1 Door £360
  • Chichester 450mm 1 Door
    450mm 1 Door £420
  • Chichester 338mm 1 Door Curved
    338mm 1 Door Curved £440
  • Chichester 450mm 1 Door Glazed
    450mm 1 Door Glazed £470
  • Chichester 550mm 1 Door
    550mm 1 Door £475
  • Chichester 850mm Low Wall Open Rack
    850mm Low Wall Open Rack £485
  • Chichester 1250mm Open Rack
    1250mm Open Rack £535
  • Chichester 1050mm Plate Rack
    1050mm Plate Rack £625
  • Chichester 855mm 2 Door Glazed
    855mm 2 Door Glazed £690
  • Chichester 855mm 2 Door
    855mm 2 Door £690
  • Chichester 500mm Glazed Countertop
    500mm Glazed Countertop £595
  • Chichester 900mm Open Rack Countertop
    900mm Open Rack Countertop £680
  • Chichester 500mm Countertop
    500mm Countertop £785
  • Chichester 850mm Glazed Countertop
    850mm Glazed Countertop £890
  • Chichester 850mm Countertop
    850mm Countertop £1,200
  • Chichester 690mm Fridge/Freezer
    690mm Fridge/Freezer £1,560
  • Chichester 690mm Double Appliance
    690mm Double Appliance £1,665
  • Chichester 450mm Larder
    450mm Larder £1,750
  • Chichester 690mm Single Oven
    690mm Single Oven £1,750
  • Chichester 690mm Larder
    690mm Larder £2,080
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