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Suffolk: simple on the outside, but far from it on the inside. A kitchen suited to people who want a less-is-more look in their home and who can never quite find the right word to describe their style because they’re somewhere between classic and contemporary. 

This is our most pared-back collection of all; a Shaker-inspired kitchen where there’s real discipline in the design and the beauty comes from the unfussiness of it all and the philosophy of putting practicality first.

What makes Suffolk different?

Neptune kitchens all have lots in common. They’re all made from natural timber, they all have a hand-painted finish, they’re all designed to be proper pieces of furniture – made properly inside and out and at every angle.

But, they’ve all got a handful of details that make them different to one another too…

Oak interiors

The drawers in Suffolk will come totally empty so that you can choose which accessories you add in to make them as easy and lovely to use as possible, from oak spice rack inserts to a stainless steel-lined wet store.

Contemporary cooker hood

Behind these concertinaed doors are adjustable shelves and an open-base so you can use the worktop space for storing and using appliances.

Subtle strip lighting

You can choose to have thin LED strips inside any of your Suffolk cabinet to help you see what’s inside (even right at the back) and to give a soft glow if you use them in a glazed cabinet.

Freestanding potboard

This slim design is almost like a kitchen's console table. Use it on its own or at the end of a kitchen island to give you extra chopping space.

Our largest larder

Suffolk’s our only collection with a full-height, double-door larder. It’s a real showcase piece with cavernous storage space.

Taller wall cabinets

Inside some of our cabinets, there are hidden inner drawers so that you can make the most of the cabinet's height and depth. In our trio of pan drawers, the uppermost has one that we like to use for extra utensils and parchment paper.

The perfect pairing

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