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A natural, seasonal palette

A natural, seasonal palette

‘Choose only one master – nature,’ said Rembrandt, and we have to agree with the formidable Dutch artist. Especially when it comes to our paint collection. From the pale grey-green of Moss to Honed Slate, a colour that could have been quarried straight from the earth, our paint palette draws on the canvas of the natural world and the combinations of colours that we see reflected in the landscape.

Because, excitingly, nature is not neutral. It’s a spectrum of wondrous hues that can teach us more about how to use and combine colour in our home than any colour wheel ever will. And nature is also a helpful source of inspiration when you hit a creative block. ‘Reflecting the seasonal colours is a great way to start a colour palette for your home,’ suggests interior designer and Neptune’s creative founder, Emma Sims-Hilditch. From the soft greens of early spring through to the dazzling blues and pinks of a summer garden to the mellow yellows and reds of autumn; the seasons offer us a ready-made colour moodboard for our homes.

And we’ve reflected these tones in our paint collection, which is divided into seven nature-inspired palettes, each with four hues that work together particularly well and make planning a colour scheme much simpler. From the ‘Pebble’ collection are Shell, Shingle, Cobble and Shale, which are complementary greys inspired by the varied hues of the shingle beaches of West Sussex on a winter’s day. The ‘Plant’ collection includes Lily, a delicate pale grey, and Cactus, a relaxing green with a spring-like freshness to it. From our archive selection are summery shades including Old Rose, an ode to the classic English bloom, and Flax Blue which reflects the hazy blue of a flax field in flower, while the warmth of Burnham Red and Chestnut echo the deeper colours of autumn.

Reflecting nature’s positivity and tranquillity within our homes has never been more important than now. At Neptune, we want to encourage that enriching connectivity with the natural world, so decorating with shades taken from nature is a great way to bring the outside in. It’s why we put so much thought into the textures and finishes of our furniture and accessories and why, twice a year, in spring and autumn, we add to our paint palette with a seasonal colour. This autumn, we introduced Clove, an enveloping peat-brown, plum-purple that defies a clear colour category. And, just as in nature, its depths sit beautifully with the likes of verdant Olive, blossom-like Old Rose and golden Mustard – the colour of changing leaves. You could even say they work naturally together.

Take a closer look at all our paint colours online here and start building your natural colour palette.