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Home stories: designing a galley kitchen, part one

A cottage kitchen with a small footprint but clever sense of space

Carolyn and her Chichester kitchen

The recent renovation project of a warm, texture-filled kitchen in one couple’s home of 35 years.

Emma, Jon & their Chichester kitchen

An open-plan kitchen blending entertaining space with the needs of a growing family.

A kitchen over time, 1
John and Emma Sims-Hilditch’s Chichester kitchen through the decades

Living by your values can be a challenge, but it’s one that our co-founder John and his wife Emma, o...

Nigel & David’s Chichester kitchen

A Chichester kitchen designed to reflect its owners’ personalities and passions, as well as its Edwa...

CASE STUDY, Lodewijk and Lili Spoorenberg, Farnham 12
Lili & Lodewijk and their Neptune home

A whole home project that brings together a calm and neutral colour palette with collected pieces fr...

Kim, Russell & their Chichester kitchen

A modern twist on a charming 16th-century cottage.

Hogan-Duvall_The Granary_Chichester Kitchen_6
Leoni, Nathan & their Chichester kitchen

Our latest home profile shows our Chichester kitchen in two contrasting lights – at the same time. T...

Viviene Cutler_Chichester_Kitchen_10
Vivienne & her Chichester kitchen and laundry room

Because of its cockbead moulding, classic English panelling and its quiet country charm, Chichester...

Bryony, Nick & their Chichester kitchen and bathrooms

Chichester is a kitchen that suits country cottages as much as it does elegant apartments and that a...

Jane & her Chichester kitchen & bathroom

This is a story of Jane and her family’s Isle of Wight holiday home, told not just through her, but ...

Lucy & her Chichester kitchen

“A traditional style kitchen with a modern twist” was the brief for this couple’s renovation project...

Emily & her Chichester kitchen

Tucked away in the New Forest is a modern take on our classic kitchen collection, Chichester.

Chris Boyens Case Study 01
Chris & her Chichester kitchen

A country green kitchen for a countryside home and a green-fingered couple…

Louise, Henry & their Chichester kitchen

How Chichester works seamlessly in an unconventionally-shaped space. 

Kirstie & her Chichester kitchen

There are all sorts of ways that we discover our Real Neptune Homes, but one of our favourites is to...

Liz & her Chichester kitchen

Chichester is a kitchen that’s often brought into homes that want to create a classic English look. ...

Habershon Land Development_Kitchen_1
Hornbeam Lane & their Chichester kitchens

Our real Neptune home stories generally follow the path of speaking to people who have chosen to bri...

2018-10-5_Chichester Kitchen_Chiswick_James and Ralph 4
James & his Chichester kitchen

Chichester’s a kitchen often described as being more traditional and country. But homes like James’ ...

Sharon Pearce_Kitchen Case Study_7
Sharon & her Chichester kitchen

Chichester might be a kitchen loved for its traditional details and its subtle country character, bu...

2018-10-10_Savil Case Study_Ipswich_10
Kimberley Savill & her Chichester kitchen

Kimberley described her home as a “typical 1930s property in desperate need of renovating”. But now ...

Collyey Kitchen_Vines Cross_Wide 1
Danni Collyer & her Chichester kitchen

Managing a property conversion, running their own business and bringing up a family. Let’s just say ...

Spinney Barn Chichester_011
Nicola Ashley & her Chichester kitchen

When we met Nicola, we were trying to figure out her accent. Born in Epping, Essex, she and her husb...