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Intelligent design

Interiors writer Amy Moorea Wong reveals the thinking behind some of our classic furniture designs.

The one-hundred-year mindset: our approach to design

Neptune co-founder John Sims-Hilditch on looking beyond the here and now. 

The price of value

Interiors journalist Giles Kime on design longevity and how to spot a good buy. 

Odette Gift Tags, Set of 10_01.tiff
All wrapped up - our home gift guide

Taking the time to find just the right gift for each person on your list is one of the most joyful p...

Why a sofa bed’s our best friend: meet Olivia

The merits of our versatile Olivia sofa bed.

Harrington Armchair with Fire Pit Landscape
Cooking over fire with Gill Meller

River Cottage chef and author Gill Meller on the year-round appeal of cooking outdoors over fire.

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A brief history of the Suffolk ball back chair (and our own Suffolk collection)

The origins of the late eighteenth century chair, and how the antique original inspired our Suffolk ...

Completing your dining room: beyond the table and chairs

You’ve sized up your space, pondered painted and all-oak finishes, and deliberated chairs versus ben...

The tale of the four-poster bed

A brief history of the grand four-poster, and our own contemporary designs.

Reasons to love the first days of autumn

With the warm weather we’ve had so far this September, it feels like we’re only just getting into ea...

Constable Green, Salt and Saffron Moodboard
Ways with Constable Green

How to pair our newest shade, Constable Green, with some of the other colours in our paint and texti...

Book club: The Evolution of Home by Emma Sims-Hilditch with Giles Kime

The debut design book from our creative founder Emma Sims-Hilditch.

Flexible furniture: our versatile designs

How our designs can adapt to meet your home’s needs.

In the spirit of the country home: our autumn 2022 story

This autumn’s story is one that runs right to the core of Neptune: the values of a timeless country ...

Lucy Mayes - London Pigment 03
The story behind Constable Green

An introduction to our autumn 2022 seasonal colour and its collaborative origins.

A warm welcome: the joy of going to a store

Interiors editor Carole Annett explains why stepping across the threshold of a store feels so good.

Sarah-Louise, Christopher & their Henley kitchen

An all-oak Henley kitchen and a Sage-green utility created in collaboration with Instagram’s @no.17h...

The joy of summer: how to celebrate the season

Moments, rituals and traditions ancient and new to help you make the most of each month in summer.

Sheldrake extending
The architecture of happiness: how buildings can create joy

Why do some buildings and designed environments bring us more joy than others?

Luskentyre beach
The joy of moving to the coast

We chat to two former city dwellers about the highs (and occasional lows) of relocating to the coast...

How to: no-sew fabric bunting for a summer celebration

Our simple step by step guide to making bunting for the jubilee and beyond.

March SS22 Content Shoot
Forever and a day: presents for the happy couple

Our pick of timeless, keep-forever gifts to give to a just-married couple.

Ways to say thank you: gifts for hosts

Present ideas that go beyond a bottle of wine for taking along to parties.

The garden picnic

It’s a simple fact that fresh, summertime food tastes better outdoors. A slice of peppery frittata. ...

From Barbury to Bloomsbury: how we name our designs

A quick look at some of the stories that lie behind our collection names.

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A touch of genius: why we value original art

We explore why it is that original art pieces hold such emotional potency.

Meet the designer: Beki Bright and our Odette cushions

Discover the inspirations behind our cushion collaboration with textile designer Beki Bright.

Cutting Dough_EDITED
Kneading time: the rise of the artisan bakery

Inside Grain & Hearth, the Whitstable-based bakery that takes a slower approach.

Touch Story - Faraway Farm  18
The joy of trees with Charlie Marsden

Tree consultant and dendrologist Charlie Marsden tells us about the fascinating hidden life of trees...

The joy of spring: moments to cherish

Moments and traditions to help you make the most of March, April and May, and bring you closer to th...

Easter decorating tree 3
Oh Easter tree

Much like its December counterpart, the Christmas tree, it seems it’s the Germans we have to thank f...

Why meadows matter

Conserving our natural habitats protects the ecosystem and promises beguiling blooms.

Nature versus nurture: how to create an authentic home

Where does personal taste come from? What influences the colours and designs you choose to fill your...

Chatto armchair in greenhouse
Book club: books for favourite pursuits

Our pick of page-turners both old and new for (just about) every type of hobbyist, whether you’re a ...

Barefoot walking
One step forward: why you should go barefoot

The reflective ritual of ‘grounding’ is fast becoming popular, as journalist Lucy Dunn discovered wh...

Houghton Lodge-25
Behind the walls of Houghton Lodge

We take an early springtime stroll around this Hampshire home’s walled garden.

Food preservation stock image Stories 15
The gentle balance of food preservation

Food historian Dr Annie Gray explains how science and sociology have combined to keep our palettes p...

The heirloom tray: designing Terence

A considered design story for the simplest of objects.

Touch Story - Faraway Farm  47
The search for contentment by Ben Fogle

Author and presenter Ben Fogle looks at how people have discovered and protected their inner peace b...

Making home design enjoyable: advice from our founders

John and Emma Sims-Hilditch share their tried and tested tips to help your home redesign go a lot sm...