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Outdoor gathering with people
Keeping your garden well-lit after the sun has set

Our four tips for creating atmosphere in your garden with lighting.

Jessica Alken-Theasby, Pastow case study-16
A meadow blanket: rooftops in bloom

Journalist Amy Moorea Wong on how meadows (and beekeeping) are sweeping through our towns and cities...

Bryher sofa, armchair and Tresco coffee table 04
Maximum impact: bold ideas for small gardens

When it comes to designing smaller gardens, think big, as garden designer Jonnie Wake tells us.

The garden furniture style guide

We walk you through all the furniture families in our garden collection to help you better understan...

Kirsty's Vegetable Garden-33
The Shaker garden

Growing a garden full of beauty, usefulness and order, inspired by the Shakers

Francesca, Meet the maker 2
If Neptune did garden rooms

Garden designer Jonnie Wake contemplates what shape and form a Neptune-designed garden room might ta...

The joy of summer: how to celebrate the season

Moments, rituals and traditions ancient and new to help you make the most of each month in summer.

Garden hosting: tips from a stylist
Garden hosting: tips from a stylist

Our stylist Meaghan shares how you can create an atmospheric garden setting for a gathering.

The garden picnic

It’s a simple fact that fresh, summertime food tastes better outdoors. A slice of peppery frittata. ...

Touch Story - Faraway Farm  18
The joy of trees with Charlie Marsden

Tree consultant and dendrologist Charlie Marsden tells us about the fascinating hidden life of trees...

The joy of spring: moments to cherish

Moments and traditions to help you make the most of March, April and May, and bring you closer to th...

Why meadows matter

Conserving our natural habitats protects the ecosystem and promises beguiling blooms.

How to make outdoor dining work for you

From where to place your dining table to which designs are the most low maintenance, read on for our...

How to zone your garden

Why it’s useful to think of your garden as an open-plan room.

Why we love teak furniture in the garden

Teak. The timber that you’ll find most in our garden collection. But why? And perhaps the bigger que...

Barefoot walking
One step forward: why you should go barefoot

The reflective ritual of ‘grounding’ is fast becoming popular, as journalist Lucy Dunn discovered wh...

Houghton Lodge-25
Behind the walls of Houghton Lodge

We take an early springtime stroll around this Hampshire home’s walled garden.

Contemporary Living_Wycombe Bench 02 02
Biophilia at home: how to bring nature into your interiors

Author Sally Coulthard explains what we mean by ‘biophilia’ and how you can use it to create interio...

Touch Story - Faraway Farm  47
The search for contentment by Ben Fogle

Author and presenter Ben Fogle looks at how people have discovered and protected their inner peace b...

Celebrating the beauty of winter light

Finding the joy in winter’s light, come crystal clear sun or moodily overcast skies.

WYCOMBE_BAR STOOL_033_retouched 1
Nature’s palette

Michelle Ogundehin on why ‘natural’ colours appeal so much.

Stories 12 Orchard apples-2
What to plant in autumn

Autumn in the garden is a season of two halves: on the one hand, there are lots of plants that look ...

Greenhouses, orangeries and conservatories, a short history

How garden rooms have been designed and used throughout history, and how you might decorate one toda...

Jane Cumberbatch garden - 21/05/2021 06
In the garden with Jane: the multisensory garden

In our final journal together, author Jane Cumberbatch tells us how her garden is a space for all th...

Jane Cumberbatch garden - 21/05/2021 13
In the garden with Jane: the wild garden

Author and designer, Jane Cumberbatch, is back to speak on the beauty of wild gardens

Pesto pasta - Jane Cumberbatch
A homegrown, homemade pesto for summer

Sometimes the best food is the simplest, as Jane Cumberbatch proves with this summery recipe.

Jane Cumberbatch garden - 21/05/2021 03
In the garden with Jane: the productive garden

Author and stylist Jane Cumberbatch on creating a productive and beautiful garden.

Lakes for swimming
Lakes for swimming

Our favourite spots for taking a dip in cool waters.

Jane Cumberbatch garden - 21/05/2021 19
In the garden with Jane: the sustainable garden

Author and designer Jane Cumberbatch on creating a beautiful and sustainable garden.

Why we love Lloyd Loom furniture inside and out

Why we love this heritage material and its classic furniture styles.

Growing a garden for scent

Think of your outside spaces and the chances are you’re remembering how they look, rather than the s...

Outdoor mirror
Taking mirrors al fresco

How you can use mirrors and mirrored elements in your garden to create atmosphere.

Clare Nolan - A shed of one's own
A shed of one's own

Author and stylist Clare Nolan explains why a shed at the end of the garden is every grown up’s drea...

Bryher sofa, armchair and Tresco coffee table 06
Interior design for gardens: how to make more of your outdoor space

You hear it every year: bring the outside in, and vice versa. These are the golden rules of linking ...

Olney Decorative Bowls_Spring Bulbs
How to make a spring bulb arrangement

Cut flowers are stunning (we’ll always have a place in our home for our life-like ones) and house pl...

Houghton Lodge-28
March’s flower

For many of us, daffodils mark the beginning of spring. While snowdrops and crocuses may be the firs...

Spring Flowers 02
A celebration of spring in nature

Spring. Is any season so welcome, so wanted? While autumn brings relief after the heat of summer, th...

Anonymous KCS 2
In praise of green spaces by Elizabeth Metcalfe

‘I am extremely happy walking on the downs...I like to have space to spread my mind out in.’

Kirsty's Vegetable Garden-52
Kirsty & Garry’s vegetable garden

How does your garden grow? In the question of Kirsty and Garry’s, plentifully and seasonally thanks ...

Holly and Magnolia Bouquet
The gift of flowers

This year, a present in the post is a much more likely turn of events, and what’s more of a welcome ...