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French toast with baked peaches and coconut cream

A summery twist on a breakfast classic from our café, The Provenist.

Beetroot Hummus & Artichoke
Beetroot hummus with Jerusalem artichokes, goat’s cheese and pea shoots

A lunch or starter made with beetroot and Jerusalem artichokes that has a garden-fresh earthiness.

Stories 13__Blood orange and rhubarb cake
Rhubarb and orange cake

A cheery cake to put a spring in your step in late winter, which can also be made to suit plant-base...

Baked celeriac risotto
Oven baked risotto with kale pesto and crispy celeriac

A supper recipe from The Provenist cafe that celebrates delicious winter vegetables.

Neptune food, beetroot cured salmon on rye-2
Christmas brunch: beetroot-cured smoked salmon with dill yoghurt and rye bread

Whether your morning starts with present opening, a much-deserved lie-in or a brisk walk with the do...

Neptune food,baked apple and hazelnut porridge
Christmas brunch: caramelised apple porridge with maple hazelnuts

The second in The Provenist’s trio of brunch recipes to elevate your Christmas morning fare: a comfo...

Neptune food, poached eggs and cashew hollandaise
Christmas brunch: poached eggs with cashew hollandaise, spinach and sourdough

The third in a trio of breakfast recipes created by the team at our café, The Provenist, to turn you...

Neptune Christmas cake-1
Ginger & pecan fruit cake

A lighter, gluten-free and less sugary Christmas cake alternative made with the festive flavours of ...

Courgette, fennel and radish salad Provenist_2
Raw courgette & fennel salad with lemon parsley dressing

A crisp and refreshing salad for making the most of high summer’s produce.

Pea and spring onion fritter
Spring onion, green pea & spinach fritters

A savoury brunch dish from the new summer menu at our café, The Provenist.  

Finished ailoli
How to make fresh aioli

A recipe for light and fresh homemade aioli for serving alongside summer dishes.

Courgette & pea risotto

A fresh yet comforting risotto recipe for spring and summer.

Stories 13__Herb gnocchi with hazelnuts
Ricotta and spinach ‘malfatti’ gnocchi with hazelnuts, rocket and truffle oil

Gnocchi is traditionally made with potato and semolina, but here the chefs at our café, The Provenis...

Provenist avoacado smash 3
The Provenist smash

An alternative to the classic avocado on toast from the chefs at our café, The Provenist.

Beetroot & Gruyere sausage rolls
Beetroot & gruyère ‘sausage’ roll

A root vegetable take on the sausage roll for cutting up, wrapping up and taking with you on walks a...

Asparagus tart and salad 02
Asparagus and goats’ cheese tart with wild garlic

At our Bath café, The Provenist, the menu is always changing with the seasons. From our brunch menu,...

Easter menu asparagus and lentils
Spring feasting recipes: a trio of salads

Three colourful salads that celebrate spring’s produce. Perfect for partnering with a whole side of ...

Easter menu salmon
Spring feasting recipes: whole side of salmon with lemon and dill

An easy yet impressive centrepiece dish from our café, The Provenist, that’s perfect for springtime ...

Bonfire night - Pumpkin/goat cheese puff slice
Bonfire Night feasting: pumpkin, goat’s cheese, thyme & red onion tart

A seasonal savoury tart recipe that’s perfect for an at-home Bonfire Night feast.

Bonfire night - Toffee apple tart
Bonfire Night feasting: ‘toffee apple’ tart

The second of our two autumn tart recipes: our take on that Bonfire Night classic, the toffee apple.

Clifton Coffee_23
In search of the perfect cup of coffee

The Provenist’s resident barista, Olivia, breaks down the different types of coffee and shares her t...

In the kitchen: The Provenist’s beetroot brownies recipe

At our sister café, The Provenist (which you’ll find next door to Neptune Bath), the menu is all abo...

Provenist smoothie bowl
A summer smoothie bowl recipe

Smoothies and smoothie bowls (which are thicker, so you can eat them with a spoon from a bowl, givin...

Provenist Granola-6
Maple granola

Firm believers that a good breakfast can set you up for anything, we asked the team at The Provenist...

Christmas crostini: roasted beetroot hummus with goat’s cheese, candied walnuts and basil

Christmas is a time like no other for gatherings of family and friends, and with family and friends ...

Sourcing stories: Teeny Greeny

Micro in name, micro in size, but microgreens aren’t to be confused with seedlings or shoots. These ...

Sourcing stories: Bath Farm Girls

The first of only a few growers of British quinoa, Emily’s local farm is home to field upon field of...

Sourcing stories: Ivy House Farm

Whenever you’re sipping a cup of breakfast tea or a mug of frothy coffee at The Provenist, you have ...