The same carefully-crafted natural fragrances as our bath and body collections, but in formulas designed for your utility room, laundry or kitchen, and all made in Britain.


Rosemary & Thyme

A scent is for those of us that like light, herbal fragrances. It’s not overpowering, just energising and refreshing, with citrus top notes (bergamot, petitgrain and green mandarin), herbal mid notes (rosemary, thyme, basil and geranium) and a deep, mossy base.


Bluebell & Honeysuckle

You’ll smell the classic notes of bluebell, hyacinth, jasmine and rose in this scent, as well as sweeter, spicier honeysuckle and amber. It’s all balanced by fresh, green notes though, like cut grass, basil, lemon and bergamot, to stop it being too sugary.