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Go bespoke

The Wiltshire workshop

Next door to our head office in Wiltshire lies our bespoke workshop. We use it mostly to create bespoke pieces of kitchen cabinetry, but we're venturing into other rooms of the home more and more. It can be as simple as making a cabinet from our collections wider, deeper or taller to suit your needs, your space or your style preferences. But sometimes, it can be a case of designing an entirely new concept altogether...

The possibilities

We currently offer our bespoke service on our Chichester and Suffolk kitchen collections. In time, we plan to extend it across our entire portfolio, but for now, our carpentry team is growing and we're not yet at the capacity to do so. We won't ever run before we can walk.

    Both Chichester and Suffolk go much further than the kitchen. That means that we can work with you on bespoke projects for other pieces of furniture within that design family. We've reworked sideboards and bookcase bases into different shapes. We've known people who've fallen for the Chichester's exterior design but long for the Suffolk's exposed oak interior, so we made it happen. And we've developed never-before-seen storage pieces with the Chichester and Suffolk aesthetics guiding us all the way.

Creating your bespoke design

If you're planning a Neptune kitchen, your kitchen designer will work with you on your bespoke cabinetry. They might suggest it first, or if you have an idea that you'd like to discuss then we'd love to hear. Together, we'll then develop your design and create something that performs, that complements the rest of your interior, and that will stand the test of time.

If you're hoping to introduce bespoke cabinetry into another part of the home, simply visit your closest store and we'll be able to start a conversation with about what's possible.

Bespoke: the article

Learn more by visiting our journal where we're featuring the bespoke article taken from Stories for spring.

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