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From stone to ceramic

We understand there are work surfaces out there that are highly functional, such as laminate, but we believe every kitchen deserves something that can be both attractive and hard-working. We want every inch of your kitchen to be something of which you're proud.

    Our work surfaces are made from solid substances. Some are entirely natural stones, others are utterly beautiful and ever so clever man-made composites. We also offer pure oak.

    We currently only able to offer our work surfaces within UK mainland, but our European stores will be able to present you with a very similar collection to our own (listed on the right) which they will have carefully built with a local specialist.

Carrara Marble

This naturally occurring metamorphic rock is the very definition of elegance. Delicately veined, every marble worktop is different and we offer each one with a matte, honed finish or with a glossy polish.


Another natural stone. Granite comes in an enormous array of colours and dappled patterns. It's incredibly durable and a great option for homes that adore natural materials but seek a more robust nature.


It may be a bit of a sleekster, but our ceramic worktops look fabulous in kitchens contemporary and classic. They're scratch resistant, heat resistant and waterproof so can take pretty much anything you ask of them.

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