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Handles, hinges & hardware

Henley drop handle Antique Bronze

Chichester cup handle Chrome

Barlow cup handle Chrome

Barlow cup handle Brass

Barlow cup handle Bronze

New Barlow cup handle Black Bronze

Barlow handle Chrome

Barlow handle Brass

Barlow handle Bronze

New Barlow handle Black Bronze

New Lennox edge pull handle Black Bronze. Two sizes

Limehouse toggle handle Chrome

Limehouse adjustable bar handle Chrome

Vivaldi bar handle Stainless Steel. Five sizes

Henley knob Bronze

New Henley knob Black Bronze

Barlow half beehive knob Chrome

Barlow half beehive knob Brass

Barlow half beehive knob Bronze

New Barlow half beehive knob Black Bronze

Chichester knob Chrome. Three sizes

Chichester knob Natural/Antique Oak. Three sizes

Suffolk button knob Chrome. Two sizes

Suffolk knob Seasoned Oak

Limehouse ball handle Chrome

Cullum twist knob Chrome

Larsson knob Antique

Chichester roller catch Chrome

Magnetic catch Chrome

New Magnetic catch Black Bronze

Magnetic catch Bronze

New Hinge Black Bronze

Hinge Bronze

Hinge Brass

Hinge Chrome

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