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Base Cabinets
Limehouse600mm Dishwasher Fascia £185  
H:760mm W:600mm D:0
Limehouse600mm Appliance Fascia £255  
H:760mm W:600mm D:0
Limehouse180mm Towel Rack £390  
H:890mm W:180mm D:0
Limehouse180mm Single Wine Rack Holds 7 bottles of wine £440  
H:890mm W:180mm D:0
Limehouse130mm Chopping Block & Tray Base Cabinet Finished in Lily with Fog interiors to complement the mix of natural materials and industrial style Discrete and flexible design offering chic storage space £485  
H:890mm W:130mm D:0
Limehouse290mm 2 Drawer £630  
H:890mm W:290mm D:0
Limehouse350mm 1 Door Includes 2 adjustable shelves £650  
H:890mm W:350mm D:0
Limehouse690mm Single Undercounter Oven £720  
H:890mm W:690mm D:0
Limehouse450mm 1 Door Includes 2 adjustable shelves £765  
H:890mm W:450mm D:0
Limehouse600mm 1 Door Includes 2 adjustable shelves £835  
H:890mm W:600mm D:0
Limehouse430mm Double Bin Complete with 2 bins Includes 1 fixed shelf £860  
H:890mm W:430mm D:0
Limehouse490mm Bin Complete with bin £870  
H:890mm W:490mm D:0
Limehouse660mm Sink Cabinet £955  
H:890mm W:660mm D:0
Limehouse390mm 3 Drawer £970  
H:890mm W:390mm D:0
Limehouse860mm Sink Cabinet Includes pull down utensils drawer £1,130  
H:890mm W:860mm D:0
Limehouse540mm 3 Drawer £1,150  
H:890mm W:540mm D:0
Limehouse510mm Blind Corner £1,170  
H:890mm W:898mm D:0
Limehouse1090mm 2 Door Includes 2 adjustable shelves £1,175  
H:890mm W:1090mm D:0
Limehouse680mm 3 Drawer Internal storage drawer with 4 Quartz dividers £1,335  
H:890mm W:680mm D:0
Limehouse920mm 3 Drawer Internal storage drawer with 6 Quartz dividers £1,440  
H:890mm W:920mm D:0
Limehouse1350mm 7 Drawer (380mm depth) £2,295  
H:890mm W:1350mm D:0
Limehouse1350mm 7 Drawer £2,445  
H:890mm W:1350mm D:0
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