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Base Cabinets
SuffolkIsland Leg Pair £120  
H:890mm W:70mm D:0
Suffolk560mm Base Support Panel £115  
H:890mm W:42mm D:0
Suffolk600mm Dishwasher Fascia £250  
H:890mm W:600mm D:0
Suffolk600mm Undercounter Fridge Fascia £255  
H:890mm W:600mm D:0
Suffolk725mm Appliance Doors £290  
H:890mm W:725mm D:0
Suffolk600mm Washing Machine Fascia £290  
H:890mm W:600mm D:0
Suffolk190mm Open Towel Rack £395  
H:890mm W:190mm D:0
Suffolk220mm Towel Rack £430  
H:890mm W:220mm D:0
Suffolk190mm Single Wine Rack £435  
H:890mm W:190mm D:0
Suffolk280mm Double Wine Rack £500  
H:890mm W:280mm D:0
Suffolk990mm 2 Door 1 Drawer £1,170  
H:890mm W:990mm D:0
Suffolk390mm 4 Drawer £970  
H:890mm W:390mm D:0
Suffolk140mm Chopping Block & Tray Base £505  
H:890mm W:140mm D:0
Suffolk220mm Chopping Block & Tray Base £620  
H:890mm W:220mm D:0
Suffolk690mm Undercounter Oven £730  
H:890mm W:690mm D:0
Suffolk400mm Curved £755  
H:890mm W:400mm D:0
Suffolk420mm 1 Drawer 1 Door £755  
H:890mm W:420mm D:0
Suffolk600mm 1 Door £835  
H:890mm W:600mm D:0
Suffolk430mm Split Level Bin £1,030  
H:890mm W:430mm D:0
Suffolk520mm Single Bin £860  
H:890mm W:520mm D:0
Suffolk500mm Double Bin £870  
H:890mm W:500mm D:0
Suffolk560mm 1 Door 1 Drawer £900  
H:890mm W:560mm D:0
Suffolk700mm Sink £910  
H:890mm W:700mm D:0
Suffolk900mm Sink £980  
H:890mm W:900mm D:0
Suffolk550mm Blind Corner £1,090  
H:890mm W:1110mm D:0
Suffolk1200mm Island End Potboard £1,090  
H:890mm W:1200mm D:0
Suffolk540mm 4 Drawer £1,150  
H:890mm W:540mm D:0
Suffolk1090mm 2 Door £1,150  
H:890mm W:1090mm D:0
Suffolk680mm 4 Drawer £1,365  
H:890mm W:680mm D:0
Suffolk350mm 1 Door £630  
H:890mm W:350mm D:0
Suffolk830mm Corner Carousel £1,505  
H:890mm W:830mm D:0
Suffolk920mm 4 Drawer £1,525  
H:890mm W:920mm D:0
Suffolk1350mm 7 Drawer £2,815  
H:890mm W:1350mm D:0
Suffolk265mm Pullout Base £530  
H:890mm W:265mm D:0
Suffolk450mm Dishwasher Fascia £190  
H:890mm W:450mm D:0
Suffolk1120mm 5 Drawer £2,360  
H:890mm W:1120mm D:0
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