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Sit, rest, relax, laugh

We ask a lot from our living rooms. It’s a space to which we retreat when our bodies call for cosiness; it’s a space that has to beckon guests, making them feel instantly at home; it’s a space that we ask to entertain, ready to awake from the slumber we asked from it only the day before. A living room has to stay on its toes, ready to respond to whatever our lives throw its way. A living room lives to look after us.

Are you sitting comfortably?

A sink-into sofa is essential, and an armchair if you have room. Stools needn’t be refined to tired toes; position an ottoman beneath a window to create your own window seat and use a compact stool for occasional seating.


Waiting in the wings

Sometimes we don’t appreciate just how much we need a table. The moment you sit down with a cup of tea and realise there’s no-where to rest it, it hits you. A side table is a friend to your sofa, a coffee table the same. Consoles and storage solutions keep essentials close to hand, and items of beautiful in sight.


The Perfect partner

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