A bright new season

Eva Sofa Large_Harry Flax Blue_Landscape
A bright new season

The hidden heroes

Craftsmanship – the kind that’s informed by expertise, experience and consideration – has always been important to us. It’s what, we believe, takes a design from good to great, from of the moment to heirloom. From something that you live alongside to something that improves your day to day. We’re going to be exploring craftsmanship this season – from our making processes to the unseen details of our designs (scroll down for more on that) – starting with our spring story. 


Making a statement

Tall and curvaceous, Clemmie is quite a sight to behold, although her aesthetic is still informed by our classic approach (she owes those curves to the ogees and cabriole legs so beloved of the Queen Anne period). Inspired by luxury hotels, she’s for any bedroom wanting a touch of decadence. 

Clemmie Headboard_Landscape_01

In with the old

It can be easy, in the thrill of the new, to forget about those pieces we already live with, be they in our collection or your own home. We say it’s time to bring back the love. So, this season, we’re going to be putting the spotlight on a handful of Neptune classics, appreciating the design details that are engineered to make your life better. 

Moreton & Wycombe Dining_Landscape_01