Our promotional terms and conditions

The basics

The winner will receive €100 to spend at Neptune Berlin, Neptune Hamburg, Neptune Köln, Neptune Tegernsee or Neptune by Mack Fellbach. To enter, simply complete the competition entry form (https://www.neptune.com/prize-draw/) online between Friday 1st October and Sunday 31st October 2021.


A little more detail 

Other than that, there are a few more things you should know: 

  • You’ll need to be over 18.
  • You can’t work for us (‘us’ being Neptune Europe Ltd, Neptune Retail Ltd or NSD Ltd) or be related to a member of the team. 
  • There’s no need to buy anything to enter.
  • There’ll be three winners per store (as listed below) each receiving a €100 voucher.
  • We’ll contact you by Tuesday 30th November 2021 if you’ve won and email your voucher shortly after.
  • By entering, you agree to these terms and conditions.
  • The promoter is Neptune (Europe) Ltd.


Using your voucher 

The details on spending your voucher, just in case you win. 

  • You’ll have six months from the date on the voucher to use it.
  • You can only spend it at Neptune Berlin, Neptune Hamburg, Neptune Köln, Neptune Tegernsee or Neptune by Mack Fellbach.
  • The voucher isn’t available to use online at neptune.com.
  • And you won’t be able to use it with any other promotion.
  • You can’t exchange it for cash (it’s only worth 0.0001c anyway). 
  • We can’t give you any change if you don’t spend the full amount.
  • The only things you can’t spend it on are paint, tiles, flooring, appliances, work surfaces, and our bespoke and design services.
  • If you need to return what you buy, we’ll refund you in more vouchers, not cash, as that’s the method you’ll have used to pay. 


And that’s it.  

If you have any questions, just let us know. You can talk to us in-store or get in touch with our Neptune team at international@neptune.com.  


Participating stores


Neptune Berlin

Uhland Straße 12-13, 10623 Berlin

Telephone: +49 30 32766972  Email: Info@neptuneberlin.de


Neptune Hamburg

Gärtnerstr. 94, 25469 Halstenbek

Telephone: +49 4101 8598320  Email: info@neptunehamburg.com


Neptune Köln

Friesenstrasse 16, 50670 Köln

Telephone: +49 221 93334600  Email: info@neptunecologne.de


Neptune Tegernsee

Tegernseer Strasse 10, 83703 Gmund am Tegernsee

Telephone: +49 8022 7057384  Email: info@neptunetegernsee.de


Neptune by Mack Fellbach

Bahnhofstraße 168, 70736 Fellbach

Telephone: +49 711 957949 70 E-Mail: kontakt@mack-fellbach.de