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ShoreditchDining Chair
from  £260
61 fabrics W:47cm, D:60.2cm, H:86cm
ShoreditchSofa, Small
from  £1,555
54 fabrics W:165cm, D:87cm, H:82cm
ShoreditchSofa, Large
from  £1,820
52 fabrics W:200cm, D:87cm, H:82cm
52 fabrics W:287cm, D:162.5cm, H:82cm
51 fabrics W:287cm, D:162.5cm, H:82cm
52 fabrics W:298cm, D:193cm, H:82cm
52 fabrics W:298cm, D:193cm, H:82cm
ShoreditchCorner Sofa
from  £4,255
53 fabrics W:280cm, D:280cm, H:82cm
from  £800
54 fabrics W:86cm, D:87cm, H:82cm
ShoreditchBar Stool
from  £270
62 fabrics H:70cm, W:40cm, D:36cm
62 fabrics H:99cm, W:42cm, D:50cm
Shoreditch Carver
ShoreditchCarver Chair
from  £340
61 fabrics W:60cm, D:60.2cm, H:86cm
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