Cut from the same cloth

Cut from the same cloth

To mark the relationship between Neptune and Fermoie, we get to know the British brand behind such distinctive and beautiful fabric. 

We take in an infinite number of patterns every day, some consciously and others subconsciously. They are abundant in both the natural world and manmade design, with plenty of overlap between the two. Pattern is a powerful tool to harness, not only as a vital interior design device, but also as a rich avenue for personal expression.

For pattern to be effective, though, it must be accessible. Leading the way in realising this mission is British fabric house Fermoie. Their workshop is situated on the edge of the Savernake forest – an immersive tangle of trees and the inspiration behind their bold Savernake print. Their fabrics are made from start to finish onsite, with studio and manufacturing teams working side by side. 

With so many patterns competing for our attention, Fermoie's signature is a simple one. Every design starts with a hand-drawn line, and they print using traditional rotary screens rather that digitally for a 'lightly kissed' effect. It's a brave move to stand by original methods in an increasingly digital world, but one that pays off. 'Printing with screens allows for a layering of textures and pressures throughout the fabric,’ explains Fermoie's Managing Director, Jamie Shawcross. This process creates a gentle impression, for remarkably useable designs that celebrate the materiality of the cloth itself. 

Our shared focus on designs that are easy to live with is just one reason why we’ve partnered with Fermoie. Based just a short distance from each other in Wiltshire, we’re united by an unwavering dedication to providing a quality product and service. Our capsule collection features three prints and includes upholstery and cushions covered with Fermoie’s 100% natural flax linen, and lampshades made from a lightweight linen sheer.  Fermoie’s patterns range from the small-repeat designs they’re so well-known for, to bold, expressive ones like Shell Grotto. Nature serves as a constant guide for their studio team, as it does for us at Neptune. Cove – one of the fabrics in our limited-edition collection – was originally drawn from a Dorset clifftop overlooking the water. The designer observed a surprising uniformity in the ripples of waves, which formed the basis for this geometric pattern. Inspiration comes in myriad forms, though, and the Carskiey stripe – also featured in our capsule collection – comes from an historic textile document found at Carskiey House in Scotland.

Founded by the original due behind Farrow & Ball, it's no surprise that colour plays a leading role in Fermoie's work. They take their cues from nature here, too, in much the same way we go about curating our signature colour palettes at Neptune.‘Neutrals, plains, and light colours are all well and good, but I’m not seeing that in nature. I’m seeing boldness and brightness and bringing a little of that inside brings happiness,’ says Jamie. And yet, once again, their approach, prizes accessibility. Fabrics are grouped by colour family rather than patterns, making it easy to mix different designs together in one harmonious scheme. 

Where interior design can sometimes feel confusing – overwhelming, even – Fermoie’s ethos proves that the best approach is often the simpler one

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