The small wonders that say so much about your home. From handcrafted bowls, and baskets of many shapes and sizes, to wall art, seasonal scents and life-like florals and foliage.

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Our paint colours: a natural, seasonal palette

Nature has always had a big influence on our style and nowhere more so than in our paint collection, which looks to the natural world and the seasons for inspiration.

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    On Quince by Kassia St Clair

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    Ways with Quince
    Three palettes to help you bring our bright and fresh yellow-green Quince into your home.
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    Colour scheming with Emma Sims-Hilditch

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  • The Neptune Outlet

    The Neptune Outlet is where you’ll find those pieces that have an imperfection here or there, as well as the occasional design that we’ve retired from our main collection – all with up to 50% off. You can stop by and see us at our Wiltshire store, or you can explore the outlet online.


    The Evolution of Home by Emma Sims-Hilditch with Giles Kime

    The debut design book from our creative founder, Emma Sims-Hilditch. Featuring homes designed by Emma and her interior design studio, Sims Hilditch, discover insightful decorating ideas, spatial planning and inspiring colour schemes.