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Contemporary and sleek


Its aesthetic may be sleek and minimal, but Limehouse is our most technically advanced kitchen, taking 30 processes to complete a single door. It stands true to our DNA and uses only natural materials and traditional craftsmanship, and sleek as it is, the finish is still hand-painted and carries with it that beautifully tactile nature. It's contemporary in style and thought.

In a nutshell:
Streamlined, clever, considered

Tulipwood, plywood and oak

Standard colour:

Standard interior colour:
Fog with Chalked Oak features


One kitchen. Countless different looks.

Different layouts, different colours, different handles, different flooring and different walls. The possibilities aren't quite endless, but they're close.

Limehouse kitchen collection hand-painted in Lily; Buckland floating shelves with LED strip lighting 

Design details

Every Neptune kitchen is special. But each one has a few hidden secrets that make it unique to our other collections. They help to define it, and to give each one its own hand-writing. And then there are those design details that they share from our cutlery inserts to our slim space cabinetry...

The larder

This may well be our flagship larder. When you open its door you find a deep central cupboard area with our adjustable zigzag shelving. Then there’s the rack on the inside of the door that has storage sections at varying heights. It doesn’t stop there. There’s a further oak pull-out rack on the other side that offers even more shelving space and drawer space beneath with beautiful stone prisms that act as drawer dividers.

Cutlery inserts and prisms

Limehouse features our solid quartz dividing prisms and oak insert. Together they create a beautiful storage framework, but also the option to move things about, to configure and to organise as you see fit.

Sink cabinet drawer

Yet another clever drawer. Instead of a sink cabinet, the Limehouse has a roll-down compartment that keeps cleaning essentials at a convenient height and means nothing can ever get lost at the back.

Tiered drawers

Not only do tiered drawers look interesting but they offer more versatile storage. Think pans at the biggest base drawer and cutlery or tableware at the top.

Spice store

Searching for spices has never been so carefree. The Limehouse’s nifty spice drawer presents a multi-tiered structure in which your collection of fragrant jars can lay.

Breadboards and trays

Why take up storage space for breadboards and breakfast trays when they can be designed to have their very own space?

Happiness by design

What lies behind a Neptune kitchen


Let's design

The process

the collections

Every one is unique and every one has a different design journey.

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Full Height
  • Limehouse 660mm Sink Cabinet
    660mm Sink Cabinet €1,180
  • Limehouse 860mm Sink Cabinet
    860mm Sink Cabinet €1,380
  • Limehouse 290mm 2 Drawer
    290mm 2 Drawer €770
  • Limehouse 390mm 3 Drawer
    390mm 3 Drawer €1,200
  • Limehouse 540mm 3 Drawer
    540mm 3 Drawer €1,400
  • Limehouse 680mm 3 Drawer
    680mm 3 Drawer €1,640
  • Limehouse 920mm 3 Drawer
    920mm 3 Drawer €1,760
  • Limehouse 1350mm 7 Drawer
    1350mm 7 Drawer €2,980
  • Limehouse 1350mm 7 Drawer (380mm depth)
    1350mm 7 Drawer (380mm depth) €2,800
  • Limehouse 350mm 1 Door
    350mm 1 Door €800
  • Limehouse 450mm 1 Door
    450mm 1 Door €940
  • Limehouse 600mm 1 Door
    600mm 1 Door €1,020
  • Limehouse 1090mm 2 Door
    1090mm 2 Door €1,440
  • Limehouse 430mm Double Bin
    430mm Double Bin €1,060
  • Limehouse 490mm Bin
    490mm Bin €1,060
  • Limehouse 510mm Blind Corner
    510mm Blind Corner €1,440
  • Limehouse 180mm Towel Rack
    180mm Towel Rack €470
  • Limehouse 180mm Single Wine Rack
    180mm Single Wine Rack €540
  • Limehouse 600mm Dishwasher Fascia
    600mm Dishwasher Fascia €225
  • Limehouse 600mm Appliance Fascia
    600mm Appliance Fascia €315
  • Limehouse 690mm Single Undercounter Oven
    690mm Single Undercounter Oven €880
  • Limehouse 130mm Chopping Block & Tray Base Cabinet
    130mm Chopping Block & Tray Base Cabinet €590
  • Limehouse 450mm 1 Door
    450mm 1 Door €610
  • Limehouse 920mm 2 Door
    920mm 2 Door €1,020
  • Limehouse 450mm Glazed
    450mm Glazed €690
  • Limehouse 920mm 2 Door Glazed
    920mm 2 Door Glazed €1,100
  • Limehouse 600 1 Door
    600 1 Door €870
  • Limehouse 450mm Full Height Larder
    450mm Full Height Larder €2,440
  • Limehouse 690mm Full Height Larder
    690mm Full Height Larder €3,340
  • Limehouse 690mm Full Height Double Appliance
    690mm Full Height Double Appliance €2,300
  • Limehouse 690mm Full Height Single Appliance
    690mm Full Height Single Appliance €2,380
  • Limehouse 610mm Full Height Fridge/Freezer
    610mm Full Height Fridge/Freezer €1,600
  • Limehouse 920mm American Fridge Bridge
    920mm American Fridge Bridge €760
  • Limehouse 180mm Full Height Wine Rack
    180mm Full Height Wine Rack €800
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