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Dining tables, dining chairs, sideboards, dressers – furniture that suits your dining room to a T, but doesn’t have to stay within its confines. A dining table can become a kitchen table, a dining chair works as a bedroom’s dressing chair, and sideboards and dressers will be right at home in your sitting room.

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The future heirloom: unpicking our Moreton table

There are dining tables and then there are kitchen tables, and our newest design, Moreton, is most definitely the latter – in spirit, at least, if not always in use. With its understated details, s...

    Lighting your dining room: an interior designer’s tips

    In a room where atmosphere is so important, how do you light your space? Read on for interior des…

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    How to prepare your dining room for a gathering

    With Easter on the horizon, we’re looking at the different ways that you can dress your dining ar…

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  • Dining illustrations - Henley table and chairs 6 Seater
    Top tables: choosing a dining table

    Choosing a dining table isn’t a decision to rush into. It’s an investment piece; one of those ite…

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  • SUFFOLK_150_DINING_TABLE_093_final
    Dining chairs: finding your perfect fit

    Not so long ago, we wrote about how to find your perfect dining table. But the chairs you sit on …

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    The dining table: find your perfect fit

    A dining table is a centerpiece like no other piece of furniture. It’s going to see you through y…

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