Samples & swatches

Paint Fabric

This season's colour palette

Our seasonal shade, Orkney White, pairs beautifully with complementary colours like Alpine and Sage. It's rooted by darker shades of Constable Green and Walnut and heightened by the occasional ping of hot red Paprika and yellowy-orange Saffron.


Signature palettes

28 paint colours, seven signature palettes. These palettes show you which of our paints complement each other best, so you can create a layered, harmonious scheme. Our interior paints are all water-based, incredibly low in VOCs and available in matt emulsion or eggshell. 


These timeless neutrals all share a yellow-green base, so that even the lightest shade– Old Chalk – feels warm and inviting. 


From warm whites through to moody lead hues, Pebble is a versatile palette for layering neutrals throughout your home.


Nordic marries a spectrum of blues with one of our freshest neutrals – Snow. This is an energising palette for introducing natural colour to a space.


The shades in our plant palette all share a green undertone. Whether subtle or bold, green instills our interiors with a sense of calm and connects us to the natural world. 


Smoke is all about elegant grey hues. From gentle Mist to enveloping Charcoal, each colour has an inviting, velvety presence. 


Where our vibrant Clove, Paprika and Pink Peppercorn shades meet chalky Salt. Spice is our go-to palette for rich colour that still feels timeless and natural.


Classic neutrals that are far from plain, in hues ranging from cool Silver Birch to earthy brown Walnut. 

Seasonal shades

Twice a year, in spring and autumn, we introduce a new shade to inform our seasonal storytelling. Once the season has passed, these unique colours remain available in our seasonal shades collection.