Introducing colour consultancy

Introducing colour consultancy

If you’re embarking on a home project, however big or small, and choose to design one or more of your rooms using our Home Design Service, paint is part of the package. But what if you only want help with selecting the right shades – be it for your walls and ceilings, cabinetry, even your paintable pieces of furniture? That’s where our brand new Colour Consultancy Service comes in.

Our approach to colour has been edited from the word go. It’s just as carefully considered as everything else we do, so that there’s plenty of choice, but not enough to overwhelm. And it’s why our library of paints is made up of just twenty-eight signature colours, divided into seven harmonious palettes. Together with our archive and seasonal shades that we add to two twice a year (like our newest hue this autumn, Potter's Pink) our collection comprises just over fifty colours in total; far fewer than some companies offer.

And yet, picking paints from our palette can still feel overwhelming, particularly when you’re looking to combine colours and create coherency throughout your home (or, indeed, if you’re simply short on time). We wanted to take away the worry, which is why we’ve launched our colour consultancy – an expert guiding hand that’ll help you to unlock the colour potential of your home using our paints.

So what can you expect from the service? For a fee of just £200, you’ll benefit from expertly-chosen palettes for four of your rooms (if you’re looking for help with more than four rooms, it’s a £50 hourly fee thereafter). It all begins with a brief, initial consultation which can be done over the phone or in store. An hour’s at-home design visit follows – this is when your colour consultant compiles their paint choices, taking into consideration the shape, size, and architecture of the rooms, the quality and amount of natural light, and your furnishings.

The service culminates with the creation of a comprehensive custom plan detailing colour choices (and the proposed whereabouts of each shade), paint types, and amounts. This is your decorators handbook, if you like; to be passed directly on to the experts working on your project, or to be kept close to hand if you’re taking full control of the reins from this point onwards.

Find out more about the service and how it can help make decorating easier here.

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