Tamworth Antique Finish Floor Tiles

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Made by hand from sun-dried clay, our Tamworth terracotta tiles have the warmth and character of old Tuscan farmhouse floors. They come in brick shapes that vary slightly in size and colour, adding to their handmade feel.
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How they're made

The artisans that make these tiles mix red clay with water, then shape them by hand in wooden moulds and leave them to cure in the sun and wind for a few days. After that, they’re fired – each tile ends up a slightly different colour, from more pinky reds to brownish and yellow tones.

The finish

These tiles are all about the raw texture and soft, earthy colour of natural clay. They’ve got the well-worn look of an antique floor, with little imperfections that add to their charm.

Where we see it

As they’ve got a warm, homely look, these tiles are ideally suited to cosy spaces like kitchens. You can play up their rustic feel with wooden furniture, or make them more modern with contrasting colours. They're suitable for use with underfloor heating, too.

    Care guide

    • Vacuum with a brush attachment or sweep regularly to remove loose grit and dirt.
    • Clean with pH neutral cleaners only so you don’t erode the sealant.

    Our stone tiles are one of the only designs we don’t deliver ourselves. Instead, they’ll come straight to you from our specialist partner. Rest assured we’ll still handle the booking process for you though. And when you place your order in store or over the phone, we’ll let you know the cost of delivery based on your location and the size of your order.