Your outside space is as much a part of your home as any room inside it is – whether you have acres to play with or just a few feet. Which is why our collection includes not just dining tables and chairs, but also sofas, armchairs, and side, coffee and console tables, all designed with as much thought as our indoor pieces. That way, you can make the most of your garden when the weather’s warm – and even when it gets a little chillier too.

Dress your space

The key to making your outdoor living spaces feel as welcoming as those inside? Accessories. From parasols to planters, lighting to seat cushions, you’ll find all of ours – designed with just as much consideration as our accessories for inside your home – right this way.

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How to zone your garden

Why it’s useful to think of your garden as an open-plan room.

    Keeping your garden well-lit after the sun has set
    Our four tips for creating atmosphere in your garden with lighting.
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  • Outdoor mirror
    Taking mirrors al fresco
    How you can use mirrors and mirrored elements in your garden to create atmosphere.
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  • Bryher sofa, armchair and Tresco coffee table 06
    Interior design for gardens: how to make more of your outdoor space

    You hear it every year: bring the outside in, and vice versa. These are the golden rules of linki…

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  • The Neptune Outlet

    The Neptune Outlet is where you’ll find those pieces that have an imperfection here or there, as well as the occasional design that we’ve retired from our main collection – all with up to 50% off. You can stop by and see us at our Wiltshire store, or you can explore the outlet online.


    Take a closer look

    Most of our stores have a small selection of our garden designs on display during the summer months. Some of them are fortunate enough to have large gardens or pretty terraces, but even if outdoor space is limited, we’ll invite them inside to echo garden rooms and conservatories alike. After all, they look just as lovely indoors as they do out.