While your Neptune designer will go through all our cabinets with you and create a configuration that suits your space best, we know it’s useful to be able to see your options before you dive in. So, below you’ll find all the cabinets available as part of our Limehouse kitchen collection.


Base cabinets

Limehouse 600mm Dishwasher Fascia
2 available
from 265€
Limehouse 600mm Appliance Fascia
1 available
from 360€
Limehouse 180mm Towel Rack
Available in 13 weeks
from 545€
Limehouse 180mm Single Wine Rack
Available now
from 610€
Limehouse 130mm Chopping Block & Tray Base Cabinet
Available now
from 660€
Limehouse 290mm 2 Drawer
Available in Nov
from 860€
Limehouse 690mm Single Undercounter Oven
Available in Nov
from 990€
Limehouse 430mm Double Bin
Available in Nov
from 1,175€
Limehouse 490mm Bin
1 available
from 1,190€
Limehouse 660mm Sink Cabinet
Available in Nov
from 1,310€
Limehouse 390mm 3 Drawer
Available now
from 1,320€
Limehouse 860mm Sink Cabinet
Available now
from 1,545€
Limehouse 540mm 3 Drawer
Available now
from 1,575€
Limehouse 510mm Blind Corner
Some available
from 1,600€
Limehouse 1090mm 2 Door
Available in Nov
from 1,615€
Limehouse 680mm 3 Drawer
1 available
from 1,825€
Limehouse 920mm 3 Drawer
1 available
from 1,970€
Limehouse 1350mm 7 Drawer (380mm depth)
Available now
from 3,130€
Limehouse 1350mm 7 Drawer
2 available
from 3,330€

Wall cabinets

Limehouse 450mm 1 Door
Available now
from 690€
Limehouse 600 1 Door
2 available
from 980€
Limehouse 920mm 2 Door
1 available
from 1,150€
Limehouse 920mm 2 Door Glazed
Available now
from 1,215€

Full height cabinets

Limehouse 920mm American Fridge Bridge
Available now
from 845€
Limehouse 180mm Full Height Wine Rack
1 available
from 885€
Limehouse 610mm Full Height Fridge/Freezer
Available now
from 1,785€
Limehouse 690mm Full Height Double Appliance
Available in 2 weeks
from 2,565€
Limehouse 690mm Full Height Single Appliance
Available now
from 2,655€
Limehouse 690mm Full Height Larder
Available now
from 3,725€
Limehouse 450mm Full Height Larder
Available now
from 2,720€