Clearing the decks

To make way for our soon to arrive new collection, we’re saying a fond farewell to some of our pieces. They’re designs that have been used and loved as part of our store’s displays and are now looking for a new home – you’ll find 20% off furniture and accessories, with what’s available from us here at Neptune Chichester listed below.

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Eva Sofa Large_Harry Flax Blue_Landscape

Farewell designs

Everything below is available now from us here at Neptune Chichester (just remember, we only have one of each item) – get in touch if something catches your eye and we’ll organise the rest.

Moreton Extending Oak S1
Moreton 6-10 Seater Extending Dining Table, Natural Oak
Part of our Wycombe collection
Wycombe Dining Chair_Front
Wycombe Dining Chair
Part of our Wardley collection
Wardley dining chair_Shingle_F
Wardley Painted Dining Chair
Part of our Suffolk collection
Suffolk 4ft Glazed Dresser
Part of our Chichester collection
Chichester 5ft Sideboard Front
Chichester 5ft Sideboard
Part of our Sunbury collection
Sunbury occasional sideboard, front copy
Sunbury Occasional Sideboard
Part of our Aldwych collection
Aldwych small console Snow front
Aldwych Console Table, Small, Snow
Part of our Blenheim collection
Blenhiem console table 125, front copy
Blenheim Console Table, Large, Darkened Oak
Part of our Henley collection
Henley Round Side Table_Front
Henley Side Round Table
Milo Large Stool
Caspar Armchair
Shoreditch Sofa, Large
Bloomsbury Medium Lamp & Shade
Bloomsbury Medium Lamp, Painted
Henry 7.5 shade Thea Burnt Sienna
Henry Gathered Lampshade, Thea Burnt Sienna
Fleming 120cm Round Mirror
River Thames - Chelsea Embankment - front
River Thames Chelsea Embankment
River Thames Chelsea Bridge