Care guides


Where we use stone  

We use natural and composite stone for our kitchen worktops, tiles and some of our furniture surfaces. Different types of stone – from Carrara marble to engineered quartz – require different levels of care.  


Carrara marble is a popular choice for kitchen worktops and features in our furniture designs and tile collections. This naturally occurring metamorphic rock is unique to one region of northern Tuscany, with beautiful colouring and veining patterns that differ from piece to piece.  

Everyday care  

Marble is immensely strong, but its porous nature means you need to take care with liquids. Our marble come pre-sealed; however, you still need to wipe up liquid as soon as possible to prevent it from causing a stain. You should also use coasters and mats under hot or acidic items.  

For everyday care, avoid using standard cleaning products that may contain abrasive ingredients. Instead, simply wipe with a damp e-cloth and follow up with a dry one. For deeper cleaning, we recommend products specifically designed for marble. You can find quality ones at stonecare4u.


Your marble worktop will eventually need resealing to continue looking its best. If you notice liquids are no longer pooling on top of the surface but seeping into it, it’s time to reseal. Again, we recommend using marble sealants from Stonecare4u.  

Marble surfaces in our furniture will also come pre-sealed, but our marble tiles will not. Simply purchase the sealant and follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer. When using marble tiles in a bathroom or for a splashback, take extra care to dry up excess liquid.   



Granite is another popular material for kitchen worktops. It’s more durable than marble, with high resistance against scratches, heat and stains. It’s still porous, though, so you’ll need to dry up liquids quickly. It won’t require resealing as often, but we’d recommend a granite sealant from Stonecare4u when the time comes.  


Engineered quartz  

We also source engineered quartz worktops, like Silestone® and Dekton®, for our kitchen design customers. These composite worktops blend minerals and other materials with quartz to create an incredibly resilient surface with high scratch resistance and low porosity. To care for these low-maintenance worktops, use a soft e-cloth for everyday cleaning and a mild, pH-neutral cleaner for a deeper clean. Because they’re non-porous, no sealant is required.  


Terracotta tiles  

As well as our marble tiles, our collection includes glazed terracotta tiles. Due to their handmade nature, no two tiles will look the same or lay completely flat. You can clean our terracotta tiles by wiping with an e-cloth and using standard tile cleaning products. All our tiles are protected from moisture with an engobe glaze, but – especially if using them in the kitchen or a bathroom – you’ll need to dry up excess water regularly. 


Stone in the garden  

We’ve written a garden-specific care guide which has all the advice you need for looking after garden furniture – from stone and beyond.