Pots & planters

Planters for form and structure; ornaments to lend personality; pots to bring greenery to tabletop and windowsill, inside and out; and lanterns for summer suppers that stretch late into the evening.



A collection of glazed, weather and decorated terracotta plant pots that go together effortlessly. Choose from small and large sizes, with saucers or without.


Rattan planters

Because each one comes with a waterproof metal liner, you can plant up our small Littleton and large Tetbury woven baskets as an alternative to terracotta pots.

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Timber planters

Smart planters in natural, characterful oak or painted wood (in your choice of colour from our collection). Just the thing for framing either side of a door.



While you won’t find any garden gnomes in our collection, we are fond of the odd purely-decorative piece in the garden to add form and structure to planting.